October 24, 2012

A Wednesday t.v. woe

Sweater/Skirt:  Gap  //  Boots:  Steve Madden
I read an article on Thought Catalog a few weeks ago.  Please don't ask me to source it, or even for the exact title, because I can't remember.
It was about judging people and how we're not judging them on the things they THINK we're judging them on.
For example, it said something along the lines of: I don't care about your political affiliation but you better believe that, if you watch The Big Bang Theory, I'll judge you for it.

I used to watch The Big Bang Theory.

Before I became a t.v. snob.

That's what deployment has done to me.

"Oh, you watch CBS?  Sorry bout your luck." (It's only America's "most watched network" because it's included on basic cable.)

"Your favorite show is Parenthood? Uh, okay." (The camera work, uneven dialogue, and character relationships make me dizzy.)

"How do you NOT have HBO?" (It's worth the $15 a month.)

"What's Downton Abbey about?  How much time do you have? And, also, where is this rock that you live under?" (It's on PBS.  Your excuse is invalid.)

Anyway, I find it very hard to relate to people I meet everyday because of my current T.V. snobbery.

I'm okay with this.  Though it does hurt my heart a little bit when the highlight of someone's week is CSI.  The fact that we live in a nation in which CSI can stay on the air for over 10 years...well, it makes me sad.  WHOARETHEPEOPLEWATCHINGTHISSHOW?

Last spring, I spent my lunch period reading about the intricacies and inner-workings of Mad Men on slate.com.

I think that is where my problem started.

Anyway, my current woe is that, in Alaska, Dexter and The Walking Dead both start at 8pm.  I record one, watch the other.  Which show I watch (first) depends on my mood.

So this past Sunday, I decided I'd watch Dexter first...then, 10 minutes in, I HAD TO KNOW what was happening in that prison.  So I went to The Walking Dead and at 9pm, I turned off the downstairs t.v. (the one with the DVR with my precious Dexter stored for me) and went upstairs.  I turned on Homeland in real time while I showered and prepared for Monday morning.  I kept myself busy until it was time for Dexter to come on again at 10.  Remember there's no DVR upstairs! (I know: horrific.)
So then I end up staying up til 11 (a real feat), and then I can't sleep til at least midnight because the adrenaline is running after watching Dexter get chased through a serial killer's maze.

Obviously, I have a problem (maybe more than one).

And don't even get me started on how confused I become when I try to add an episode of The Talking Dead* into the mix.

*For those under that-giant-good-t.v.-blocking rock, The Talking Dead is a half hour recap show of The Walking Dead.

Oh.  Gotta have a zipper shot.

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  1. first of all, love that outfit! Onto the shows, I often wonder who is watching CSI too. I just can't. Also not a fan of parenthood. I watched the first season then realized all the characters were unlikable in the worst way because you were SUPPOSED to like them. Anyway, onto Dexter, I had dreams about being chased and stabbed after watching this week's episode. It was so intense. I fear this is the reason I can never watch walking dead because zombies + dexter = megan never sleeping again. If you're a TV snob, I'm right there with you :)

  2. WHAT?! you don't like big bang theory? that's the FUNNIEST show! i guess we can't be blog friends anymore :( just kidding!!

  3. Oh my! If you only knew how bad I fight to stay awake to watch Talking Dead!! I mean come on! It should be on RIGHT after TWD and let the second airing show at 11! Ugh!!!

    Cute outfit by the way!

    PS. Rick is seriously bad ass for the way he killed Tomas.. totally made me have a boner for him.. I was like whaaaaaaaaa! That shit is sexy!

  4. I think I'm a TV snob sometimes too... but we don't have cable or dish, only Netflix, so I can't even keep up with shows as they're happening!

  5. OMG...Took me 10 minutes to find where I comment. I obviously haven't had my coffee yet. lol I wanted to say that I had those boots (brown steve maddens) and wore them till they fell apart. I haven't replaced them yet and seeing yours brought a tear to my eye. seriously. Anyway, I have been dying to watch Downtown Abbey! I will one day :( As for Mad Men...my husband started watching it last season but I felt lost so I quit.
    Found you on the Don't Be a Bloghole Blog Hop.
    Enjoy your week :)

  6. So I picked The Husband up from school last week and saw a girl walking through campus with those boots, and I lterally said, OUT LOUD "Hey! I know Those Boots! Kristin has them! Aren't they so cute?!" Then looked at hubs, who looks at me very confused, like who is this Kristin person?
    #blogger problems

  7. Ooooh I love this one! Although I don't watch a single one of these shows

  8. I am the worst w TV. I am obsessed with all of the terrible reality shows. Thanks for linking up!

  9. I'm a total TV snob too. If I meet someone who doesn't know the shows I bring up in a conversation then it's pretty much over between us. Don't waste my time cause TV viewing is like 65% of my life, we probably wont get a long anyway.

  10. LOVE your outfit, as always!

    I just love TV. You'll have to forgive me for watching CSI. I also watch NCIS, Law & Order: SVU, Criminal Minds, and Blue Bloods. We love our good ol' crime dramas around here!

    BUT I do watch Downton Abbey and Mad Men. Does that help??? :)

  11. Love the boots! I've been dying for a pair of great boots, but can't justify it since I'd probably never wear them here in Hawaii. Sads.

    I don't see how people still watch CSI and Law and Order. Soooo over it. I can't wait for the new season of Downton Abbey!!!! Though, I can't watch much of anything on HBO (not just because we don't have cable) they have some great shows, but holy moly, I could live without all the nakedness and sex! I wanna watch a show with a plot...not porn. =P

    P.S. Thanks for linking up for Wednesday Walkabout!
    ~Sarah from GI Joe's Wife


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