October 15, 2012

Facts for Monday

Fact #1:  There's a fine line between beach hair and unkempt hair.

I'm straddling that line these days.

I refuse to give up my beach hair.  We'll see how long I can stand damp hair in those chilly a.m. hours.

Scarf:  Old Navy via ScarfSwap // Sweater and pants:  Gap 
If I would've had any sense or wits about me last fall, I would've gotten one of these sweaters in every color and two more pairs of these pants.

Hindsight.  It's a tricky thing.

Fact #2:  This went down last night.
Source: google.com via Kristin on Pinterest

I really miss Shane.

But if Rick were running for President...I'd vote for him.  Better than anyone a non-apocalypsed country can come up with anyway.

Fact #3:  Also, I'd really enjoy it (prettyprettyplease) if y'all would join in on The Great Pumpkin Swap!  It's the last day for sign-ups and you know that shopping and getting material goods makes any Monday better.  Right?!  Partners will be sent out at the end of the week!

Oh.  There's this too.

Source: via Kristin on Pinterest
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  1. you look cute as always! I feel like I'm the only person on the planet who doesn't watch walking dead, but I'm terrified if I watch it I'll have zombie nightmares all the time. Hope you have a good monday!

  2. i have asian hair and by that i mean it's dead straight so the fact that you can get wavy beach hair naturally is enough for me to say: to hell with the weather; beach hair all the way! i have to buy my beach hair (curling iron) which sucks :(

    i haven't seen the premier of walking dead yet so trying to stay off the internets to avoid spoilers (on vacay right now and all that stuff is being pvr'd at home)

  3. my hair never crosses the line to beach hair. I'm jealous. I hate it when I wish I would have bought an item in different colors! happy monday - here's to hoping it goes nice and fast!

  4. I love this outfit. I can't wait to be skinny again. I want to buy those pants. That is all.

  5. I love this outfit, so cute!!!! :)

  6. I'd kill to be able to have beach hair. Alas, my fine/thin hair just looks greasy and frizzy if I don't actually wash/blow dry/straighten it. Life is so hard sometimes.

  7. Cute outfit, I'm definitely diggin the layered shirt/sweater.

    Shane? Meh, I don't miss him much cause he was a giant pain in the ass the last few episodes. Also, I'd totally vote for Rick. He's so bad ass.

  8. Whatever, dude. My hair will be what it will be. I cannot control it and I have given up all efforts at frustrated taming. I just shoot for not looking homeless and go from there. So your unkempt/beach hair is looking pretty good right about now, yes?

    I have never watched the Walking Dead, but it's on my netflix queue so I feel like I'm halfway civilized.

  9. That corgi is adorable!

    My hair looks like yours right now except brown Obvi


  10. I am SO SO excited for The Great Pumpkin Swap!! :)

  11. I ma super excited for the Great Pumpkin Swap :) I watched the first season of WD, but I was off and on for #2. I was never a fan of Shane, but Rick is pretty Bad Ass.


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