September 3, 2012

New boots and deep thought

Clockwise from the brown boot at the top:  New Steve Madden brown boots, purse, school bag, car keys, sporty pink fall jacket, plaid dressy fall jacket, junk mail, Catching Fire (which I had lent to a kid), old Adidas sneakers, green boot, flip flops I wear for 20 minutes once a week when weather permits, a piece of an Old Navy wedge sandal, new wedge sandals, old BareTrap brown boots,  Target flat sandals, and new-ish Nikes.

I could go into some long, in-depth (one-sided) discussion 'bout how that's a metaphor for my life.  How I'm all out of sorts and I've got one foot in the civilian world (my teaching job), one foot in the military world (army wife), and how it's confusing!  I don't want to be a civilian! But I don't like so much about the army!  I like my job!  But I couldn't stay here forever!

These are the thoughts that bounce about in my head.  Thoughts too deep for a Monday.

Here's some simple thoughts:

1.  Sometimes I wish I blogged anonymously.  Because then I could mention the names of those I can't stand.  Well, just a couple of people.  But alas, I cannot speak of it here.

Thanks, Eric.  I appreciate you saying what I cannot.

2.  I ate a giant pretzel at the fair.  Then I had a white chocolate mocha from Kaladi Brothers.
You all require a hot coffee to stay warm at the fair too, right? (right?!)

3.  All I really wanted to do today was show y'all a picture of my new boots.  Does it get any better than new boots?

Boots: Steve Madden // Pants: JCP // Jacket: PX on base (last year)

Mingle Monday
YOLO Monday


  1. love the new boots! and that sounds delicious at the fair. and sometimes deep thoughts are overwhelming.. . .

  2. Love those boots!!

    I wish I could blog anon too so I could complain about my family sometimes haha

  3. Love the new boots!

    I know what you mean about blogging anonymously. That's why barely anybody I know in real life even knows I have a blog...though I'm scared one day I'll be discovered so I censor myself a little bit anyway!

  4. I love new boots!!

    Just change the persons name!!

  5. New boots are a good way to start the week!

  6. found your blog on "Mingle Monday"
    It is so adorable and totally agree with the anonymous blogging, and am loving those boots:)


  7. I love those boots. Like totally LOVE. And I so wish I blogged anonymously. Like, that my mom didn't read it. :)

  8. love your new cute. and i totally second that sometimes i wish i blogged anonymously so that i could write about whoever i wanted haha. new follower via the gfc blog hop :)

  9. NO it does not get any better than a pair of new boots. Never ever.

  10. Few things are as good as new boots! Love your new ones! :)


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