September 4, 2012

Graham Cracker Crack and Instagram

Wanna know a secret?

I totally gave up marshmallows during the month of August.  Marshmallows, candy, and Starbucks.

It was a fun month.

(I celebrated this achievement with a White Chocolate Mocha...and a Caramel Frappucino...)

Don't get me wrong.  It's not like I gave up sugar.  I supplemented with Oreos and homemade ice cream.  And I drank a lot of my Keurig coffee.

I did notice a few things:

1.  I think I lost weight.  I say "I think" because I don't actually get on a scale.  Ever.  It's not worth the hit to my self-esteem.  I don't need to send myself down that path.

2.  I had what I believe was the flu and then a cold on 2 separate weekends.  That led to less food consumption.

3.  I worked out very little.  Part of that was because my gym routine fell apart and then because school started.  And then, what with the illness and all, I didn't feel like it.

4.  Maybe that weight loss was loss of muscle mass?  Most likely.  The fact that I really worked out for the first time in 2 weeks on Saturday still has me hobbling around today.

5.  When I don't do cardio every day, I don't get nearly as hungry, therefore don't eat 8 times a day.

6.  I have a super weird schedule at school in which I eat a snack/breakfast at 10am and then am not hungry at 11:45am for lunch and then have no breaks until 4pm, when I drive home and either eat something quick before the gym or don't eat until after the gym.  I'm completely off my game now.
Although, I much prefer this schedule to my afternoon prep period of the last two years.  I'd sit there and eat candy for 45 minutes.  It's much easier to do that during the 2pm blood-sugar-crash than it is at 10am.

All of those factors combined might have led to how much better I've felt lately when it comes to body image, but I'm going to attribute it to the fact that I gave up marshmallows.  Makes me feel like it was worth it.

And I think I'll stick to the no candy thing for awhile too.  At least until candy corn hits the shelves.  Candy corn trumps all.  ALL.

This is my version of my S'mores crack dip without the marshmallow component.  Once I got used to this version, I didn't even miss the fluff.

So you mix up white chocolate chips, semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips, and peanut butter.

Put in a microwave-safe bowl (ceramic will heat better than plastic) and let it go on HIGH for 45 seconds.
Stir it up and dip in some graham crackers!

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I meant to take lots of Instagram pictures at the fair on Sunday but it was being all weird.  (Does anyone else have experience with Instagram just refusing to work for them?)

I am LOVING this book.  Expect a review soon.

Scott ordered skis.  Told me they'd be delivered.  Nope.  Had to pick them up and maneuver that box out 2 sets of doors and into the car.

Due to my collection of free meal tickets, I ate for free at the fair.  It was awesome, because last year we paid to eat our way through the fair.  Twasn't cheap.

These headbands are my favorite part of living in Alaska.  Yeah.  I said "favorite".


  1. 1. i want to make that dip asap, yum!
    2. instagram is always a turd for me too. I have to open it often through the dl part (as if i'm downloading it again, but then actually just press open instead of install).
    3. kudos on getting those skis though doors, I'm sure I would have killed myself or something in the process.
    4. love the headband, so cute and looks so comfy!

  2. that dip looks amazing! marshmellows I could give up - candy probably not. but I should try! if I have candy or really anything in my desk at school I"ll eat it during break, whether I'm hungry or not. which is why I rarely keep food there!

  3. Ok. That crack dip isn't helping this figure of mine... now I need to go and make some. UGH!

    And I love that beanie! Can I have it?? LOL


    no.. im not ;)

  4. Funny, I'm planning to make marshmallows today.

    And, finally. Someone who put my exact thoughts about weighing oneself down on paper. I'm going to quote that often whenever the discussion of dieting comes up. Everyone's always "let's compare weights in a few'll give us motivation!" and I'm all "...or an eating disorder..."

  5. That dip looks awesome!! I want it now haha. Also your headband is adorbs! That would probably be my favorite part of Alaska too.

  6. I wish I could manage to not get on a scale...

    This weekend was an epic sugar-eating weekend. Time to put it all in the back of the pantry, out of sight, and start working out again with a vengeance...thinking of busting out P90X again. I tried being a's not working...I'm too bored.

  7. That dip looks amazing. Also, I love that you gave up marshmallows. I don't know that I've ever heard of that before.

  8. OMG love the smores crack dip--I just happen to have all the ingred. in the house right now--I gotta make this!! Newest follower from the GFC blog hop. Would love it if you could visit my humorous blog site and follow back! thanks for sharing!

  9. That dip looks incredible! What a good way to reward yourself. Yum! Also, I want to go to a fair and eat pretzels now too. I haven't have breakfast yet. I probably should have read this post after breakfast. Oh well, chocolate and peanut butter it is. Thanks for linking up!

  10. Um graham cracker crack! Yes please!

  11. Graham Cracker CRACK is right! My husband would love that.

    I found you on the GFC blog hop! New follower! I'd love if you could come check out my blog!


  12. Graham crackers, chocolate & peanut butter? Yes, please! I'm pretty sure I told you already but I love that headband on you. Totally cute.

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