August 29, 2012

WIWW 8/29

It was annoyingly chilly, like 45 degrees, yesterday morning when I took this picture.  I was all set to wear boots with this skirt (like last week), but I know my sandal-wearin' days are numbered.  It was a painfully cold decision.
At least I had pockets to keep my hands warm.

Skirt and shirt: Old Navy //  Sweater: Macy's //  Sandals:  Target

Dress:  Banana Republic Outlet //  Belt:  Target  //  Sandals:  Great Northwest (some Alaska company, but they are comfy!)
I find it odd that I had a cold on Monday, yet had perhaps the best hair day of my life.  What you see above is 4:30pm on a Monday.  No brushing, wind-blown from recess, etc.  Oh, and no product.  I conditioned it in the morning, blow-dried it, and pulled the front back with two bobby pins.

I need more days like that in my life.

And I realize that picture makes it look like I live in a sunny, mild climate.

I'm very suspicious of this state called "Alaska".  It, like, knows when I want to share pictures with you and decides to bring out the sun for 4 to 9 minutes at a time.  I swear, it started snowing right after I took this picture.

I'm kidding.


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  1. gahhh I want that second outfit, so cute. (both cute, obviously though). I feel you on the numbered sandal days. I hate finding socks in the morning, so the longer i can go without wearing them, the better

  2. your hair does look amazing! mine is always in a messy ball by the end of the day. LOVE that belt with the dress - I have a very similar dress!

  3. Did it really snow!! Love the blue dress!

  4. Way cute! I'm laughing about the sandals...the price we pay for looking good ;)
    Can't wait to pull out my boots! It's the only thing I like about cool weather.

  5. I'm loving that dress! That is how WA was this morning too...verrrry deceiving!

  6. You know what's sad? I don't even own a single pair of flat sandals (besides a couple pairs of flip flops) because I can't bring myself to spend money on them, knowing I'll only get to wear them twice a year.

    ILOVEALASKA. (lie)

  7. Love your second outfit! Your hair looks great too. My only good hair days end up when there is absolutely no humidity, otherwise it is a frizz ball, ha ha! Heather

  8. That blue Banana Republic dress is really pretty. Thank you for joining our hop!

  9. Goodness! What cute outfits!!

    Thanks for participating in the Wednesday Walkabout!

    Chantal @ Scattered Seashells

  10. 45 degrees? Dude, I would have been wearing freakin' snow gear. Yeah, I know, I'm a total wimp when it comes to the cold.

    I'm definitely diggin the blue dress with green belt, totally cute.

  11. I want your wardrobe. And HOLY COW I know it's Alaska but it's also August. 45 degrees?!?! I know I will deal with whatever comes our way, but I have my fingers crossed super tight we are never sent to Alaska. haha I will go on a cruise for a week, it look breathtakingly beautiful. But, wow. 45 degrees. And, that's sandal weather.

  12. ps- Thanks for linking up with the Walkabout!

  13. Hi! I'm here from the walkabout! I love your outfits, really cute! :)

    -Jen @
    The Adventures of our Army Life


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