August 30, 2012

It's OK 8/29 and Thankful Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay that I found another person in Alaska who thinks Danskos are ugly.  WIN.  Vindication, you are mine.

It's okay that I stocked up on disposable coffee cups.  So I can use my new coffee cozy every chance I get. Environmentally-friendly, I am not.

It's okay that it's finally, finally the last week of August: The never-ending month.
Even if that does mean "winter is coming".

It's okay that I fully expect my parents to clean my house while I'm at work.  I used to have to do that while they were at work.

It's okay that I think I've lost interest in Facebook.  If I see one more "Good luck on the first day of school!!" status, I'm gonna lose it.

I do love me a good Facebook fight though.  Maybe it was a good idea to let the uneducated join on in?  After all, they haven't figured out the "private message" feature yet.

It's okay that 2 separate individuals found my blog by this google search.

Oh, and it's okay that this is why I'm not going to a concert at the Alaska State Fair.

What are the chances that, if I'm out of doors, the sun will be shining?  
Those are not good odds, my friends.  

And now.  Thankful Thursday @The Ramblings of Mrs. Hargraves
I'm so thankful for each and every one of you reading this post.  I can say that I would not be making it through this season of my life without you, blog friends.  There's no way.  I can't even comprehend it.  So thanks for being you.  :)
The smile on my face as I check my emails and scroll through my Twitter feed makes me feel like I belong to a community bigger than any I've been part of before.  It's so great to know I'm not alone.

My husband thanks you too.  You keep his sarcastic and overdramatic wife from losing her mind.


  1. Oh make me smile. Blog friends are fun, aren't they?

  2. the one about your parents cleaning your house made me laugh. you're right it's only fair. :) and in relationship with ice cream is funny too.

  3. Oh man I seriously LOVE a good Facebook fight! And I have been in most of them! And the awesome thing about it?? I ALWAYS WIN!!!

    But now that I think about it... winning a Facebook fight is quite lame... BAAHAHAHAHA

    I want ice cream now.

  4. I LOVE a good facebook fight. And there are lots of them right now in election season.

    And those shoes? Ew. I would not wear them.

  5. Lol, I LOVE that our blogs have the feature of seeing our Google search results. Some of the best. things. ever! And Facebook fights--cheapest entertainment around!

  6. Oh Sheldon. That's too funny.

    It's seriously pathetic how much I love Facebook fights. People really do have no shame.

  7. I love your coffee cozy and I want one now lol! And when I clicked on the coffee cozy I saw some apple crisp that looks delish!! I want that too :)

  8. Jeebus I hate very very much...if it wasn't my only way to really communicate with certain friends and most of my extended family, I would not have a FB.

    P.S. Sheldon rules.

  9. I love disposable coffee cups, they make life so much easier. :)

  10. I hit the "over facebook" mark about a year ago...and deleted mine! drama drama drama! Just gets OLD!

    My mom is a clean freak so I know when we get settled she will go crazy...but so is my husband so that could send my mom over the edge if she can't clean something...yikes!

    I am thankful for this blogging community too! I am new to it, but it just feels good to find people that get it!

    Happy Thursday!

  11. i also lost interest in facebook.

    and i'm loving the sheldon's it's my spot image!!

    ps: i am new follower :)


  12. Oh man, I think Danskos are so ugly too! The lady at the shoe store was trying to make me buy them because I need good shoes for standing all day to do hair, but I utterly refused. I'll find something else to wear, I have to. My husband says they're also very popular among nurses.

  13. "...makes me feel like I belong to a community bigger than any I've been part of before."

    Boom. Nailed it.

    This wonderful little world of ours is what really pulled me out of the pit of wallowing when life hit the ground for me. I know the feeling you're describing SO well and that feeling of gratitude toward the people I've come to call friends is indescribable!

    Many hugs lady :)

  14. I'm thankful that I've gotten to know you through your blog. I wish that I would've known you better when you were here!

  15. You know I really do love a good facebook fight! Makes me laugh and totally read every comment every time!

  16. We love your sarcastic ramblings, they are refreshing!

  17. I am thankful that you blog! Because I love reading your posts and your humor makes me laugh. And I love a good facebook fight. Should be ripe time for them the next couple of months...except all my friends are very PC and boring, ha!

  18. Hahaha, I hope that your parents cleaned your house!! Then send them my way, please!!


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