August 16, 2012

It's OK 8/16 and Thankful Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay that Scott has finally been promoted to Captain!  We've been waiting for this forever.  There's a wait list for engineering officers to be promoted.  Captain Darhower just has a nice ring to it.  And he's not a teacher.  I had to spell out my name for parents at Open House last night.  And one asked of its origin.  My response?  "It's my husband's name.  I ain't no German." Just kidding.  I answered with an impressive, "I dunno".

It's okay that I found a new show to watch: Justified.  Watching Timothy Olyphant wear a cowboy hat is certainly not a chore.  (Note:  If you don't like the theme song, I don't like you.)

It's okay that Hoyt is moving to Alaska.  Maybe Jason will visit us him.  Him.  I meant him.
It's okay that THIS is going down today.
I keep the blinds closed, lest they be mesmerized by the view.
Thankful Thursday @The Ramblings of Mrs. Hargraves I'm so thankful that Scott has been promoted.  This was the boost of morale he and I have been needing when it comes to the army. I'm thankful I have a t.v. in my classroom.  Yes, indeedio.  I watched some Dexter in there this week whilst I was labeling desks and books  (I'm not your average 4th grade teacher). I'm thankful that I was able to pick up an extra job for the month of August.  More work now, more vacation money later.  (It's not real work.  I'm coordinating field trips for the state fair.  I lost the ability to do real work when I took on the role of "wife".  I'm spoiled.)


  1. Yay for Scott! So excited for you guys! :)

    (And seriously... that view is incredible!!)

  2. Dude, you just now started watching Justified? This show is so beyond fabulous that it still surprises me that not everyone in the world has seen it haha. Timothy Olyphant is such a damn hottie, and in that hat...wowza.

    I was so sad that Hoyt moved to Alaska but also really glad they didnt kill him off. I still have high hopes of him coming back. Just like I have high hopes Bill will pull his head out of Salome's vajajay. Oh, and of course, congratulations to your husband!!

  3. Congrats!!!! That's wonderful! I'm sitting in my room trying to mentally prep myself for today. Who hoo back to school!

  4. Congratulations to your husband on the promotion! How exciting :)

    I have to admit, I cried like a little girl during Hoyt's conversation w/ Jessica and Jason. When she glammered him, I was a wreck! I loved Hoyt for the most part so I'm sad to see him go.


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  6. Congratulations to Scott! Your classroom looks great! :) Have a great school year!

  7. I love Justified-- it's one of the first shows my fiance & I started watching together... & it's by far one of the best shows on TV!! I live in Kentucky, so it's always fun for us to point out little things (like that Lexington & Harlan are 3 hours away from each other, when it seems so close in the show!). Even though they don't film in KY, they've gotten a lot of little details just right, though! & loving your classroom, I'm so ready to start on mine Monday!

    Hope you have a great weekend! I'm your newest follower!
    Breanna @ Blog by Bre

  8. Yay for Scott! And I hope you have a great year and I wish I could be your room mom.

  9. You had me at that theme song. Now I need to watch the show. Oh my, oh my.

  10. Um Timothy O is delicious. The end. And I love your classroom view. I have bars on my windows, so my somewhat okay view is blocked. Maybe I will post some pictures this week once I am done setting it all up.

  11. i LOVE justified and the theme song!

  12. Oh I missed the promotion! You didn't tell me! Well you mentioned a while back that he was in the works for one soon, but hurray!
    Tell him your blog-Hawaii-Army-wife-friend with a hubs deployed in Afghanland too, says Congrats! And that I think that deserves a block leave vacation in Hawaii ;-)


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