August 15, 2012

Beach Hair: A How-To Guide

Yesterday's post was a little depressing.  That wasn't my intention.  (Rule #1:  Always write with an air of sarcasm.)  The moral of the story is that I am annoying when I don't feel well.  Scott's even been calling extra to check on me (hehehe).

This is my favorite spring/summer/fall hair.  It's SO easy.   If I could do this everyday (I cannot, as damp hair is chilly in the winter), it would never take more than 5 minutes to do my hair in the morning.

I've talked about my hair coloring strategy.  What you also need to know is that I have a severe case of the fly-aways at the top of my head.  It makes wearing straight hair difficult because, if it's a bad hair day in the least, I look like Woodstock from The Peanuts.  And curled hair is great, but takes time.  This is messy beach hair that can be worn anywhere.  And, yes, I do wear it to school like this.

Also important:  I have thick-ish hair, but not super-thick.  I guess I just mean it's not thin.  And it has a wave to it.  Not curl, necessarily.  Just "a wave".  So it crimps naturally if I let it.

So, you start, by going to bed with damp-ish hair.  I usually take a shower in the evening when I come back from the gym (as if I've been to the gym lately..har har har).  Just take it your wet hair and pile it into a bun on top of your head.  I don't even brush it.  I wring out the excess water with a towel and pull it up.

The next morning, it still may be a little damp when you take it down, but that's okay.  It crimps better that way.  I use this pomade.  It's about $4 and the container lasts forever.

Curl suddenly exists where it wouldn't normally
Or.  My favorite trick is to run a curling iron through it quickly to get some extra body.

You'd think an iPhone could take a better picture than this.

This was after being outside in the wind.  Still looks good!
I started doing my hair this way in the summer of 2007 when it was too hot and humid to pull out the blow-dryer.  Needless to say, I was still living in Pennsylvania.

Do you have a signature hairstyle that you go to seasonally??  I'm extremely low maintenance when it comes to hair, so this works perfectly for me.


  1. I wish my hair had even a tiny bit of curl! i love the beachy look!

  2. My hair is so limp that no matter what I do it's just...limp. In the summer I refuse to do anything to it because it's too hot here. So it just looks messy...and limp. :)

  3. I've always wished that I could wear my hair like that. It looks so natural and easy. I wear my hair pulled up in a ponytail or a twist almost everyday to avoid having to flat iron and fix it!

  4. 1. Gorgeous
    2. I didn't realize how blonde you are, but I love it!
    3. I wonder if this would work on my hair.

  5. Your hair looks so good like that! I wish mine would keep calm and just curl; however, mine is more like bozo with a splash of frizz if I don't straighten it or torture it with a curling iron.

  6. Lovely. :) I have a tendency to do the same things with my hair all the time because I am hair styling impaired. After I got my last hair cut, the stylist showed me how to curl it with a flat iron. My hair is pretty thick and has a wave similar to yours. I pretty much just go to bed with it damp, and wake up in the am. It's mostly dry by then, and it's "curled" up nicely. So I end up only having to use the flat iron to fix certain spots that didn't turn out quite right.


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