June 12, 2012


1.  I'm obsessed with Pandora.  I'm too cheap to download music from i-Tunes.  And I'm not smart enough to download music illegally.
Lately, I've been enjoying my Brantley Gilbert station. I have it on my laptop, and on my iPad, and on my iPhone (remind me to never complain about my first-world problems again)
Through Brantley, I've come to Florida Georgia Line.
I know nothing about them, but I do like their music.

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Adventure of E

2.  I have an unexplainable fear of large inanimate objects. For example, this large Santa in Fairbanks scared the living daylights out of me. 
Scott probably took this picture.  He wasn't bothered by the .000008% chance of it falling on him.

This is the giant rhubarb bush in the backyard.
That's a regular-sized push mower.
After I finished cutting the grass on Sunday, I took to cutting the stalks off that thing.  It was so large, for a rhubarb bush, that it freaked me out a little. 

Leading to #3..

3.  You can stop wondering.  I have, in fact, cut myself with my brand-new butcher knife.  While cutting the rhubarb. 

And it went down pretty much like last time.  Same thumb and all.
Oh, and I despise rhubarb.  But here's a few recipes..if you're interested...*eye roll*
Easy Rhubarb Jam (My husband liked, my parents liked it, and it's almost like a dessert sauce.)
Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp (This was not that bad.  If you ignore the rhubarb and eat the strawberry part like I did.)

I'm such a salesperson.

4.  Mad Men?  True Blood?  What'd ya think?
I posted on FB about Mad Men and no one commented or "liked".  Then I realized that Mad Men was something I'd picked up pretty much from blogging and on my own.  People on my FB aren't...something..enough to want to watch Mad Men (or True Blood, actually) *sigh*
This is why I found myself hopping onto the Twitter train the other day.  Several people have told me they hide from the people of FB there.  Good idea, ya'll.
My reaction to Mad Men was, "That's it?!?".  My reaction to True Blood was, "I have to wait ANOTHER week?!"
I love the Mad Men recaps on slate.com and these True Blood gifs cannot be beat.

5.  Did you all see this??? That  Carrie Underwood supports gay marriage?
I'm not Carrie's biggest fan, but dang!  Without giving my opinion one way or the other, I'm so glad she stood up for something.  I respect her just for that.  Thoughts??...or not..we don't have to get all political on a Tuesday.  Too early in the week for that.

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  1. shoot - I can't believe you cut your thumb again!! and that's a funny fact about you being scared of giant objects like the santa.

  2. That Santa is kinda scary... O_o & don't worry, I cut myself (accidentally) all the time!


  3. Hah!! Your fear of Santa and rhubarb connection based on size made me laugh ;-D Glad you were able to tackle your fear because rhubarb crisp is uhmazing.

    I'm not super religious but without getting overly political, I whole-heartedly agree with Carrie and commend her for taking a stand. I've always said, WHO and WHAT gives someone a right to tell others how they cannot live?? If they're not hurting you, leave them be!

  4. It is my goal to start watching Mad Men on Netflix. I've heard good things about it, and the retro idea of it is right up my alley!

    I do love Carrie Underwood, and without revealing my opinion either (because I don't want to start any debates...lol!), we don't often hear her making any "political" statements. I do respect her for choosing a "side" and standing up for something.

  5. I'm definitely pro LGBT-rights, so that's cool about Carrie. I didn't know that. I just think a lot of country stars, especially, don't really say much either way...so that's awesome she did.

    I used to listen to pandora, but not in forever! I really need too though, because I want to find some new music. :)


  6. Bahaha! "And I'm not smart enough to download music illegally." - that's hilarious because I'm not smart enough to do it either so I have the hubs do it for me. Pandora is my place to go while I'm at work though.

    Your knives scare me.

    You're right about Mad Men being 'meh'. I expected a lot more since they made us wait like 2 years for this damn season. As far as True Blood goes, I think my love for it is dying. I mean, I'll still be tuning in all season but my love for it is at like 65% vs the 100% it was last year. Every episode Tara stays 'alive' I'm sure that percentage will lower.


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