June 11, 2012

Cherry-Lime Rum Slush

I must admit, since summer vacation began, I find myself answering certain questions everyday.

"Shall I go to the gym once...or twice?"

"Do I want to save my Target browsing for Friday afternoon or should I go today and start the week off with some new toys?"

"Is noon too early for a cocktail?"

It is summer vacation, after all.

I mean, we have mimosas and champagne cocktails with breakfast.  Well, I don't.  But I assume that some of you do.  So what's wrong with a little afternoon libation??

Minute Maid Cherry Limeaide is amazing.  I went through a gallon of this juice in a week.  At less than 2 dollars a half gallon and less than 15 calories a glass, you can afford it!  And it totally doesn't taste diet-y at all.

That's right.  "Kristin-approved" juice is hard to find.  It's either too calorie-heavy or tastes like diet soda to me.

Cherry Lime Rum Slush 
makes 2 large cocktails

1/2 cup frozen (or fresh) cherries
1/2 cup frozen (or fresh) strawberries*
Juice of half a lime
1/2 cup limeaide (from a carton, from concentrate, whatever you got)
1 shot rum
1 shot coconut rum
1 shot Triple Sec (everything is better with Triple Sec)
*If you wanna make it extra boozy, throw in a shot of tequila too.*

Extra limeaide
Lime slices for garnish
Crushed ice

Blend all of the ingredients listed at the top in a blender.  Pour into two glasses or, do like I do, and pour half in a glass and save the other half in a tupperware container in the freezer for another day.
Top with a scoop of crushed ice and extra limeaide to thin it out and make it drinkable.  Garnish with extra lime.

*I just love strawberries.  You can double the cherries.*

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  1. Man, that looks fantastic. Also, Target is always a good answer.

  2. I just discovered limeade in drinks. It's the best thing ever. I've never seen this cherry limeade. MUST FIND IT. :)

  3. Strawberry Lemonade is my go-to drink whenever we go out to eat so this is an awesome recipe for me :)

    I want some NOW!

  4. love your summer questions. : ) and that looks delicious!

  5. Ooh, I have not seen this Just 15 limeade yet! I was a limeade addict so I fear this may make me addicted again...but with 15 calories, I won't feel too bad about it!


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