December 27, 2011

'Twas the two months before Christmas...

What did you all get for Christmas??


My Christmas started in October when the husband was here to see me enjoy our gifts.  The majority of them are really for both of us.  A Keurig, a watch, Mad Men x4, Dexter x5, earrings, a camera lens...and an iPad.  (Well, a few are for both of us.)

I didn't ask for the iPad.  "Santa" took that upon himself.

Oh, and did you notice?  No clothes.  Weird. 

And then there was the sewing machine that Scott knows how to use and I don't.  And honestly, I failed the bobbin-threading test in Home Ec., so I'm not sure what makes anyone think I could possibly operate a sewing machine. We saw someone we knew while purchasing the sewing machine, and Scott said he was buying it for me.  How embarrassing.  We can't have people thinking I know how to sew.  See this for what I can do well and simply cannot do at all. 

While gifts are not the point of the season, I enjoy the surprise that gifts provide.  I enjoy being surprised.  Therefore, picking out the majority of my own gifts was not my cup of tea.  And opening them all weeks before Christmas just so the person giving them could watch me enjoy them?  Not fun.


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  1. I think your gifts were great but no clothes? One of my favorite gifts, even to myself. Ha! I can understand not even being in the right "mood" for Christmas so early and while picking out your gifts leaves you not disappointed, yeah, not fun! :(


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