November 19, 2011

Last week's discoveries...

1.  A recipe for pumpkin dip that everyone should try simply because it's unique.
Grab yourself a bag of gingersnaps or pretzels, put on a Christmas movie (it's never too early!),  and enjoy.  We certainly enjoyed it.

Gingersnaps are so pretty.
From Julie at The Farm Girl.  Go check out her site for the recipe.

2.  This pasta.  It's made from VEGETABLES.  Really.  You can't even tell.  It costs maybe 50 cents more than whole wheat pasta.  It's so worth it.

3.  You can bake cookies in the toaster oven.

And they taste totally normal.  Better even, and in the same amount of cooking time. These are peanut butter with peanut butter chips.  Oh, and no big, bulky cookie sheets to clean.  Bonus.

I've also done garlic bread, a gingersnap crust for a dessert coming later this week, and I'm contemplating brownies.

I wish I didn't mind appliance clutter so much.  This awkward looking machine would have a permanent place on my counter.

4.  Also baked in the toaster oven?  These blondies that you have to make to believe.  Do it.  I added butterscotch chips to mine, along with the chocolate, and I was very pleased.  

P.S.  I hate to tell you this, but get used to Instagram photos.  The lack of daylight on the tundra is no joke.

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