July 2, 2024

Two guilty pleasures.

1. Politics. I ride an adrenaline high on election nights. It's the weirdest thing. I picked up this hobby of following politics around 2016, but I always paid attention from about 2000 on. I remember following 2012 pretty closely on Twitter. With podcasts and live coverage and tracking of the electoral map, I really went for it in 2018, 2020, and 2022. It's like an actual hobby. On debate night last week, the season started. 

2. I love Nordstrom Anniversary Sale season. It's funny because I don't have an N card and I don't buy from the sale. But I love seeing what other people are buying and I love reading the lamenting about how quality has gone so far downhill. That being said, here's what I would want if I were shopping the sale (no affiliate links here)...

All Saints Tote (though if I had the access and unlimited funds to spend on bags at this second, I'd get the leather one)

SuperGoop pack

Treasure and Bond Knit Top

Free People Sweatshirt

Hourglass Blush (I have this and love it, so I would like the mix of colors to play around with instead of a single palette.)

Zella Pocket Joggers

This is the literal definition of window shopping here because I can't buy any of these things anyway! They'll all be gone by August when the sale opens up to everyone. I could see splurging on that nylon All Saints bag post-sale though. 

Do you shop the N Sale? Do you...follow politics? 

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