July 5, 2024

Friday Recommendations, 7/5

1. Presumed Innocent.  Super interesting and holds our attention. Lots of guessing about what's going to happen next. There's 5 episodes up on Apple TV right now so now it's week-to-week for me, every new episode coming out on Wednesdays. 

2. Basically any book I posted yesterday. All perfect for beach-reading or summer reading in general!

3. We watched two movies this week. A Simple Favor and A Family Affair. The first was good; I'd never read the book. Great cast. The second: we will watch anything with Zac Efron because I just think he's so funny. Have you seen Neighbors? There's a bonus recommendation for you. Hilarious. He's definitely a comedic actor. 

4. I made these brownies yesterday. I used red and blue sprinkles for decorations. The single easiest recipe for a baked dessert that you may ever come across. I've been making them for well over a dozen years. 


We've made it to the halfway point of summer. 

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