May 13, 2024

Amazon in April

Freddy's Fry Sauce. This stuff is so good. So much better than CFA sauce. I wish, wish, wish they sold it in stores. You can buy it at Freddy's or you can buy it on Amazon. A weird purchase but one I do not regret. 

iPlay swim diaper. It's that time of year. I really thought I had an extra laying around from Wells at age 2 but no. I had to rush order this one a few weeks ago. I got her this suit from Old Navy (I love it!) and this fits nicely underneath. 

Biokleen Citrus Laundry Detergent. This is a a re-purchase for me. I love it. It's non-toxic and highly concentrated so you don't need much. It's a pleasant scent and not overpowering. 

Thinkbaby mineral sunscreen. this is a re-purchase from last year (maybe the year before?). I like it for kids. There's a lot of info out there on what sunscreens are safe and what aren't. These days, I buy this and I buy Blue Lizard and then I buy Supergoop glowscreen for me. 

I bought this romper. I wear my others so often that I figured it was worth it. Usefulness TBD but I got a small and it runs huge. 

This will not interest you unless you are in the need of exactly what we were in need of, so no links, just a story about why Amazon always wins. I had to get a replacement belt for our vacuum. We have a Bissell vacuum, bought in 2020, and it wasn't working correctly. I ended up taking the whole dang thing apart by myself, cleaning and washing all the pieces, and then determining that the belt had snapped. Scott read the part number off to me and then I searched it up and got 4 replacements for $10. When they arrived, I watched a quick youtube video and then replaced it myself. The vacuum works like new. 

These are the supplements I got for our dogs. Tumeric paste (currently sold out but I also got these chewables), hemp oil, and then milk thistle. I don't know that they are doing any good for Jett but they're not harming them so I will keep at it. All are supposed to reduce inflammation and help heal naturally. 

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