April 15, 2024

Photos lately.


Sutton went to the dentist last week. She did really well, me holding her arms down and all. But I think watching Wells go first made a huge difference. 

This piqued my interest. I screenshotted it so now I get lots of ads.

The discreet doggy door in a random back corner of the house changed everyone's quality of life. We put it in about a year ago. It's a game changer. If you don't have a doggy door for your dog, you need to get one. 

The pellet stove also is a huge quality of life thing around here. Missouri winter is bitter cold, wet, windy, and gross. There was an addition added onto this house before we bought it and this keeps that part of the house warm, especially at night. Fun fact: it was definitely broken when we moved in, despite us being told otherwise. Scott fixed it a year and a half ago and we haven't looked back. 

Building a cheetah habitat. I do enjoy it when teachers give parents homework.(not really). He did do this himself. I wrapped up the box in paper, bought the cheetahs, and used the hot glue gun after he had it all arranged. Scott said *I* did it, when I definitely did not. I provided no guidance because as soon as I handed him the box, he got started and I didn't have a chance. He used a whole roll of tape on that den there.
Next week, we are building a kid-sized cardboard car for their next project....

Ice cream.

Eclipse viewing.

Cheetah habitat on display.

Our front yard these days. Those are roof panels.

I make one or two sourdough loaves a week. 

It's nice when they get along. Usually "getting along" means sharing a $6 container of blueberries. I bought two of them on Saturday and they're already gone. 

I don't take outfit photos anymore because this is what it usually looks like when I walk in the door. 

I decided on Friday I was going to pack up the high chair because she never wants to sit in it (she sits at the counter on a stool). Yesterday she decided all she wanted to do was sit in it, so it might make it to summer vacation. 
6 more Mondays....
(I initially thought 5 more Mondays last week and it was a little heartbreaking to realize my math was so wrong.)

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