March 21, 2024

Unplanned microwave

Once in awhile, I'll offhandedly mention (in IRL conversation) about how we had to fix something or replace something in our house. Since we're the notorious out-of-towners in a very small town, someone will inevitably ask what house we bought and I'll explain the location and they'll usually know exactly what house I'm talking about. 


It's only a matter of time before someone says Oh, that was my brother's house! or Oh, I've been dear dear friends when those people for decades! or I know them! They're great!

Last year, I had a blood draw at the doctor's office. The nurse saw my address on the paperwork and said she used to live in our house :) She rented it in 2019 while she and her husband were building a house. 

Anywho. I would probably have no issue telling whoever it is that Maybe so, but they had no idea what they were doing and their home inspector should be fired and stranded on a deserted island where he can never inspect a home again. 

When it comes to the people who owned the house, I'm guessing you can probably be a decent human being but still make the choice to take out a load-bearing wall causing the ceiling to sag and the roof to leak. 


The latest: Scott had to replace the microwave over the weekend.

he also had to raise up the middle cabinets there to fit the new microwave.

above the new stove that we had to get when the old stove/oven randomly 
stopped working in February 2022

The turntable inside of the microwave never worked. It was maybe 12 years old when we bought the house. We could not figure out why this turnable never worked but we came to accept it over the last few years. It still did everything else the way a microwave should.

Last week, I pressed start on the microwave and heard a loud pop, there was a weird smell, and then the heating element of the microwave just stopped working. It would run but it didn't heat anything. 

After ripping it out of the wall, Scott realized that the two wires that connect to the turnable were never hooked up or wired into the switch. They were just floating there, not grounded to anything. By chance, they touched, causing the pop and the microwave to short circuit and that was it for the microwave. 

I admit: this was a new one for us to have the microwave not be installed correctly. 

The day when someone tells me they "know" the people who "fixed up" and sold us this house, I'm going to tell them about the microwave, just because in 15 years of renting and buying, this is a new one. 

Obviously, I'd also like to charge them some kind of inconvenience fee.

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