March 28, 2024

Other Stuff I Can't Find

If you wanted an update, I've found nothing that I wrote about last time. Not the skirt, not the paper for school, and not the Daniel Tiger trolley toy and characters.


If you think you're going insane, I still think about that skirt every day. 

But onto other things I can't find...

I had my blue and white striped lunchbox when we moved into this house. I used it two years ago, when I was teaching. When I went back to work this year: gone. I feel like I packed it with snacks and sent it on a day trip with Scott and Wells once but it's not in a vehicle, a garage, a barn, etc. I did check the camper too. It used to hang on a hook in the garage. It's not there. 

So, I think about that a lot.

Then, at the beginning of this school year, I ended up taking Wells' lunchbox each day. Just a plain blue sack thing I got at Target in 2021 for $11. Wasn't quite big enough but it did the job. Then, after Christmas, I couldn't find. 

I literally haven't seen it since. 

So I've been lunchbox-less since Christmas, which means I throw random food into my multiple bags and hope for the best each day. 

I am digging my heels in on this so much that I refuse to buy more lunchboxes. I have one more storage space to check. Reorganizing the laundry room closet this weekend (a task that must be done sooner rather than later) might just lead to the discovery of both. 

Luckily my parents sent Sutton a little lunchbox for her birthday and I'm seriously considering just using it. 

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