February 20, 2024

3 1/2 day weekends should be mandatory


I have to say, Friday was a great day. 

It was a teacher workday and then we, the teachers, were released at 11:00am because of "inclement weather". So I threw everything I was working on into my GIANT tote and got home in time for Sutton's nap :) She watched TV for about an hour and then took a 3 hour nap. Wells played with Legos for 7 hours and did his reading and sight words for me. I watched 6 hours of Love is Blind and did all of the grading and sorting and planning I had been wanting to accomplish. Well, most of it. As well as all of the laundry (all of it), dishes, and basic housekeeping I'd been neglecting. 

Saturday was super cold. I worked on my sourdough attempt. I went to Walmart to look for a dutch oven. All they had were the gaudy Pioneer Woman ones so I had to order from Amazon. I also attempted to bake in a loaf pan instead, since I already had the dough going. 

I had gotten a starter from a teacher who was offering a class on how to make the dough. The catch was that I had to haul everything there and back myself and the whole supply list angle was very unappealing to me. I can barely get myself in and out of the building each day without a kid melting down. I'm not taking breakable bowls, ingredients, and a starter back and forth to the building with me. 

This is what Youtube is for anyway and I figured I wasn't an idiot so I could figure it out on my own if I set my mind to it. I've spent 3 years resisting the sourdough trend because the idea of learning something new is overwhelming. I really thought I could just bake the bread without learning how the process actually worked and it turns out that's impossible. You need to immerse yourself in the blogs and the videos and all that to understand it. 

Anyway. Now I have a new weekend hobby I guess. 

Moving on...still sick not feeling 100%, I went into Sunday by taking both kids to the playground for the first time in 2024...Wells wanted to know when the splashpad would be open. Summer seems so far away.

Monday I had a dentist appointment and I took Wells to get a haircut. 

I made my favorite soup for dinner and I added cream cheese instead of heavy cream. I make this soup all the time and it's so easy to change up the recipe. I do shredded carrot and zucchini if I have it on hand. 

(We were in the driveway and he was half unbuckled. Does it bother anyone else when people record stories while driving? Like, we can SEE you driving. I don't care if you're at-a-red-light. Your car is in Drive. I cannot understand why people think that's okay. It's like advertising your irresponsibility in the most public way.)

If you want a peek into my mind, here's my screenshots from the weekend:

I was looking up the vaccine schedule and I'm beyond puzzled by the use of "pregnant woman" in one sentence and "pregnant person" in the next. 

And my life in a nutshell:

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