November 3, 2023

{Currently} in November.

Loving... Sutton's Halloween was a success. We trunk-or-treated on Friday and she got to do a parade at school. 

As for Wells...let's just say someone has a candy addiction so I expect there to be some wailing and gnashing of teeth when I put it all away throw it all away

Buying... I wish I had a more thoughtful answer to this one, but I saw this on a blog yesterday and now I can't stop thinking about it. 

In addition, with two months left in the year, I'm starting to get planner fever, which is really silly. I do not need a planner because I know I won't use it. Are you buying a new planner for 2024? I am really liking my Erin Condren teacher planner at this point but a regular planner seems....superfluous?  

Preparing... I figured out there's like 5 instructional weeks until Christmas at this point and I'm basically living for the weekends so I can get life together from a domestic angle. Being too tired to care and too discouraged to try at 6pm on a Tuesday is hard. Basically if I have anything at all to do after school, I'm immediately annoyed at the day. This was at the chiropractor on Monday at 4:30pm. Not great, you know?

Excited for... Each and every weekend. 

Planning...  Thinking about Christmas gifts, obviously. I suppose I'll do a round-up soon? I noticed the hashtaginfluencers published their gift guides sometime around Labor Day "in case anyone wanted to get an early start" :)

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