November 13, 2023

Christmas Listing

*I bought a pair of white gold studs from Amazon almost 3 years ago. They are small. and basically the only earrings I wear in this season of life because I can leave them in around the clock. 

Then I lost one a month or so ago which was super disappointing. Adding these to my list. 

*I would also like some more wine glasses. We like stemless right now but I would do stem or stemless if I found the right ones. I like these on Amazon and I'm not willing to pay $$$. Any suggestions? 

*This extra-large tote in gray camo. Maybe with a monogram? It's for carrying All The Things. I cannot lie: I've been using a 99 cent Ikea bag to tote things to work every day. It's laughable. However, as my Kansas City friend (who was with me when I bought the bag) pointed out, it's couture in these parts because the nearest Ikea is 3+ hours away. 

*New slippers.  (gray, size 8 :)
I wear them out each year. Do those of you who buy the Ugg slippers wear them out? Or do $120 slippers legitimately last forever? I'm wondering if that would be worth it. 
The fabric on the top of these has worn off over the last few months. But I've worn them almost every day for about 15 months now, so I'd say I got my $40 worth?

*This lipstick that I posted a few weeks ago. 

*This is completely frivolous but I've also been looking for a black bag for, speaking of bags: the medium Sutton in black. I have the medium Sutton in gray and I've worn it constantly since 2020 (called it a Mother's Day gift). I might call this a birthday gift. I don't know though, maybe I'll find a different brand. 

*I also like this one. The crossbody option is what gets me every time. I think I'm waiting to see if they come out with any new styles between now and January before I splurge. 

*This is also incredibly lame, but I need to get my world map reframed and the inconvenience and cost is just something I've been avoiding. The map is fine. The frame and glass broke when we lived in Pittsburgh and the map has been living rolled up in our closets ever since. 

*Also willing to take: books, Bible studies I'll attempt with the best of intentions (interested in these from A Daily Grace), a fancy planner I will get really, really into for 3 months*, and a popsocket for my new phone case.  I also will not turn down a Stanley tumbler. Like, I won't buy one. But I won't turn it away. If you get what I mean. 

*Do we remember when we thought the LifePlanner would actually change our lives? I wish we still lived in 2012. 

What's on your Christmas list?

Gift guides for kids coming next week. 

By "guide", I mean, "this is what our kids are getting for Christmas", in case you need ideas. 

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