October 25, 2023

WUW. October 2023

Eating: I made an amazing buffalo chicken dip the other day. For some reason, it sounded really good to me, so I created my own recipe. My go-to is the jalapeno popper dip, but this was great with carrots and, I'm guess, if you have celery. 

I meant to share the recipe yesterday....there's always tomorrow :)

Loving: Football. Nothing makes me happier than having football on TV. It's the absolute dumbest thing to love. I get so sad when football season is over. Spring/summer is the worst (for many reasons, like weather) because there's no football. 

Also, I'm loving that Sutton has such a good experience at school. They've taught her sign language and she's saying new words all the time now. 

Up to: Still sick-ish. I have a cough but I also refuse to take cough medicine after my last experience. Also, the flu shot isn't even on my radar this year. Is anyone else getting it? 

Dreading: Parent-teacher conferences. I hate them. I don't hate parents. I hate conferences. Parents deserve more than an 8 minute snippet and a report card that doesn't always tell the whole story. And there's not enough energy, ever, to gear up for the mental preparedness it takes to meet with 42 parents. I put myself in the position I'm in, partly, because I like talking to Wells' teacher every day. I see him multiple times a day and I know exactly what's going on. More parents need to know what's going on but the system is not designed for that kind of overload. 

Also, Jett's back on an antibiotic. His symptoms from a month ago are came back so one more round before they would have to sedate him and dig around. Worst case it's a $5,000 surgery for an almost-10 year old dog and that surgery has a low success rate. Best case, the antibiotics work. 

Working on: I found a new workout. It's a 30 day calendar. Today is..day 3. But I like it a lot. I need structure and I need easy. There's variety there and I don't know that I'd classify it as 'beginner". 

Excited about: Still saying "fall". It'll show up eventually. 

Watching/reading: We watched Daryl Dixon (AMC+?) last week. I had never finished TWD but this was good. Then we started Billy the Kid (Amazon? I don't know) and it's really good. We tried to watch The Other Guys last night, but turns out you have to pay for it now and it's not on Netflix. So we watched Superbad. 

Reading is a whole other sad story (literally). I did pick up my kindle again over the weekend and started into The Coworker. I love a Freida McFadden thriller. I will not hit my goal this year (50 was ambitious with a toddler) but I'm thinking maybe I can get to 40 which is definitely better than nothing. 

Listening to: Lately I've been listening to The Lazy Genius again. She really does bring up good points and it has forced me to slow down and think about how I'm spending my time. 

Wearing: I'm actually wear a variety of things that I never take pictures of. I haven't bought anything new in a few weeks (which sounds like a low bar but I'm a sale-shopper so I'm always looking). I have narrowed down my browsing, honestly, to just J.Crew Factory, Nordstrom/Rack, and Carly Jean Los Angeles these days. There's no part of me that wants to go the Old Navy Route. Target is abhorrent in more ways than one. Walmart doesn't interest me. Sometimes I look at Costco. I got a fantastic Banana Republic jacket there a few months ago. I've never not loved clothes that I've gotten at Costco. I've also subscribed to Little Poppy, a monthly bow subscription for Sutton, and that brings me enormous joy. 

This weekend: It's supposed to rain but I would like to 1. get a haircut, 2. do a trunk or treat, 3. paint pumpkins (which might lead to me organizing my craft cupboard ...I can dream, I suppose).

Next month: Get a jump on Christmas! I have our trip to Bass Pro for Santa pictures on the calendar. It's the one tradition I have in this life of military upheaval. As long as we live here, this is what we'll do. We are in this false sense of civilian complacency with our very civilian life right now (me working, Wells and Sutton in the same school with me, no one else military there). 

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