August 7, 2023

Amazon lately...

 Wall clock. My new classroom didn't have a clock? Which is fine, because no clock is better than an ugly clock and I spent years in one classroom with a hideous clock/intercom contraption bolted to the wall. 

Classroom timers. I don't have anything like this from previous years.

One of my (many) toxic traits is that I like expensive construction paper for laminating and using for decorating. 

For said decorating:

This comes highly recommended as a read aloud so I'm going to try it. And who doesn't like Jerry Spinelli? 

Wells needed headphones for school. I've seen kids use this model year after year and I don't think you can go wrong with it. 

So I saw this jumpsuit on the link-up last month(?) and immediately was intrigued. Mostly because I'm so over leggings at this point and I thought this would be perfect for fall days where I'd normally throw on leggings to run errands or whatever. I haven't worn it out yet because it is one million degrees most days but I do see the value in it and I think I'll get a lot of use from it. It's a very high-quality material, so I'm impressed with that for $30 (I think there's still a coupon on it. I paid $27 during Prime week)

Leading me to: I got the romper version too. 

I have worn this countless times in the last three weeks. It just struck me when I was deciding over the pants version that I wear shorts until Halloween so this will definitely pay for itself :)

Again, high-quality material, washes well, I hang to dry. Can't say enough good things about it! It's very on trend right now so <$30 for a trendy piece is fine if I'm going to wear it a lot. 

I actually bought three 40 oz tumblers this month...

One was a gift for a friend and it's retro mint.
One was raspberry vibes and I decided it wasn't for me and I sent it back.
The dark ombre was perfect for me though and I am loving it. ...for all the reasons every basic millenial enjoys her tumblers. "I remember to drink water" "I only have to fill it twice a day" "It has a handle".
Also this doesn't leak like the Stanleys do if they tip over. 

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