July 26, 2023

WUW. -July 2023

This is an abbreviated version because I'm focused on other things this week like making sure the dishes are done and watching Suits. 

Watching: A few weeks ago, Scott turned on a show while I was putting Wells to bed. He thought was a movie and I got really into it and then he was like "What's this called?" and I was like "This is Suits" and he was like "What's that?" and I'm like "It's a show with 8 seasons" and he's like "No way. I thought it was just a movie". 

Anyway, we've been watching 2-3 episodes of Suits every night now and I can't believe I didn't do this sooner. It's on Netflix. Meghan Markle is annoying for sure, but everyone else is fine. 

Reading: ..... I am having a terrible book year. I don't really care though? Last summer was the summer of reading, with a very small baby to feed every 3 hours. I'm going to post my summer books so far next week (spoiler: i've quit more than I've finished) but the latest I'm reading is This Time Tomorrow by Emma Straub and I'm not really a fan. 

Eating: I feel like I'm trying here but the last four things I went to the effort to make, I haven't really liked. Plus, it's so hot that I don't care. In no particular order: a new street corn recipe, a new zucchini bread recipe...I just don't like zucchini bread, frito pie...we don't generally like anything taco/chili based, I've found, and an orange chicken recipe that was not good.

Back to frozen pizza and chicken salads it is. 

Drinking: Spritzers. Pineapple Bubly is my favorite of all the sparkling waters. Any kind of white wine mixed with sparkling water is the perfect summer drink. 


I splurged on new $15 sunglasses from Amazon. They are surprisingly high-quality. 
Usually I buy a pair of $5-10 sunglasses every summer at Walmart. The ones I got this year are particularly cheaply made, even though they do the job. 

Sadly, these $10 Sand & Shore sandals from Target are one million times preferable to the $40+ Arizona Birkenstock I actually did splurge on two years ago. I hate those things. 

(I tried to switch my phone case back to a non-Loopy and that lasted exactly one day. Loopy is just superior.)

Okay, this is one of those rompers. I don't think it's terribly flattering but it's trendy and somewhat stylish right now and it's COMFORTABLE. It's perfect for wearing around the house, in addition to out and about. I would elevate it with a bit of a shoe, instead of just a flip-flop. I can see me wearing this multiple times a week. I just put an old J.Crew tank underneath it. 

A New Day sheath dress from last summer. 

I don't actually know what black shirt this is...?
But CJLA kimono goes with literally any outfit. 
Madewell sandals were my best purchase of 2023. 

Also: I got my hair cut the first week in May. I think it's actually stopped growing at this point, which I don't love.


The Prosecutors are doing a 14 part deep-dive on Hae Min Lee. I cannot wait for Brett's theory at the end. 


We got a doggie pool. Scott told me I need to get Sutton outside more that's not in the stroller. That's a big ask. He said to get her a pool. But, did you know, every store stops selling cheap plastic kiddie pools in like June? 

He found this for $28. The quality blew me away. It folds up for storage (it's hard, not flimsy) and has a drain in the side. I totally recommend it for dogs or kids! Scout lost interest pretty quickly and Jett wouldn't go near it. The dachshund jumped out as soon as I put him in. 

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