May 5, 2023

Friday Things, 5/5

 1. I ran out of all my serums this week. At the same time. Super inconvenient. These were actually part of gift sets from Christmas so they weren't full sized bottles. I alternate all kinds of different BC products and these did last since December so it wasn't a terrible deal, I guess. 

I reordered the Vitamin C toner (I ran out of that awhile ago), and then the Countermatch Moisture Serum. For that one, I've figured out that it is half the price of the Vitamin C serum and the VC serum doesn't do anything that this one also doesn't do, you know? I have a bottle of the Vitamin C facial oil that I will actually add to this serum or regular moisturizer (right now, I have was a gift) at night anyway. I've had probably two bottles of the BC Vitamin C serum and two or three bottles of the Tripeptide Radiance serum. I like them a lot but they aren't worth full price. I get more out of the Vitamin C Toner. 

ANYWAY. I do recommend them all.

2. Wells had a fishing field trip yesterday. I mentioned on Instagram that I never considered the fact that I would have to take a fish off a hook for the first time in my life if he caught one. Of course, it was a stocked pond. So...I love that it's like totally taken for granted that all the moms are familiar with fishing. Scott tried to show me a few things (he should've been the one on this trip) and I was like I've done these things before, I just actively choose not to do them anymore (lest we forget). Anyway, not in my element. 

And a one year old makes every situation, where I already feel awkward, more fun.

3. This is one of those late blog posts because Sutton had me up all night until Scott finally got up with her at 5:15am and by then I was too frustrated and exhausted to go back to sleep. Then I had to take Wells to school and go to the eye doctor and, oh my gosh, two more weeks of this preschool thing...

*Apparently* Sutton was an angel for the babysitter (I could. not. take her the optometrist with me. Can you imagine?)


I don't buy bottles of anything anymore. They just take up fridge space and I lose interest. These are really good. 


Jett doesn't even need a leash. He just...listens. 

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