May 26, 2023

Friday Things 5/26

+I made the mistake of joining a minimalist Facebook group at like 10pm on Friday night. Guess what I spent the next two hours doing? Cleaning out dresser drawers. I actually made it through my drawers, a big closet in our living room where Everything Goes (crafts, wrapping paper, "important" papers, boxes that need to be saved, and a drone), and the inside of the bench by the entryway to the house. 

+I ordered two dresses from Old Navy last week. I've been getting no less than 4 emails each day from Old Navy ever since, so that seems like a giant mistake.

I kept this one. The color is called Flower Trail. It has pockets. 

I returned this one. The midi dress was 3 times as heavy. Like, they look the same but they were not the same material at all. I got it in navy, which is there on the site somewhere. But I don't know that it was nearly as flattering as the reviews make it out to be. It was like a heavy maxi dress. 

+I meant to do a post about food this week. I seriously meant to write 2-3 blog posts, plus a substack post and then...I just decided not to? We had a rough week. Then, we all (all) slept about 10 hours last night and things seem better this morning. 

+Books coming next week! I have read very little for April and May so I'm combining them. 

+ If you need a cocktail for the weekend, I suggest ranch water

+This is a first world thing, but I'm stopping coffee creamer. I've moved to a carton of heavy cream that we have, plus a spoonful of sugar. Then I have half-and-half and I'll try to wean myself off of the sugar. The processed creamers are something I've been meaning to cut out for awhile. 

+Library story time was a success this week. (It was after that that the week went downhill.)

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