April 24, 2023

Things I don't love.

Yellowjackets. We tried one episode of this much-talked-about show and it was fine in parts but very gruesome and weird in others. Definitely not worth the Showtime subscription. I've noticed anything Melanie Lynskey is in is usually bound to be weird. 

Jury Duty. Okay, I don't exactly don't like it but it's not that great. We got 3 seconds into it and Scott asked if it was the same people who made The Office (he doesn't like The Office). If you look at the producers' credits, yes, it's the same people. Anyway, it's just not *that* great. We did watch 4 episodes without even trying. I, personally, love James Marsden, so I think you will get farther if you have an appreciation for him. (27 Dresses is one of the best movies ever)

Wells' field trip was rescheduled due to "weather". It was 65 degrees. Now I have to plot that on the calendar again. 

I am heading to the library to renew my card with the county this week. Do I mention how awful their ebook system is? I've already complained via email. No response. I know that's shocking, that a government bureaucracy wouldn't respond to a concerned citizen. 

I've tried a few new recipes lately and they've been blah. I never thought a cookie recipe would just be not-good. But I made the Tollhouse Double Peanut Butter cookies that's on the back of the pb/chocolate chip bag; they don't have a lot of flavor. I realized the recipe doesn't even include salt! I added sea salt to the top and they were better but still not worth it. Make these if you want cookies. 

Another recipe was fine. It was for a southwest couscous of sorts. The amount of chopping and steps to take in no way was made up for by the final product. In the middle of making it, I realized water had spilled all through the produce drawers so I had to clean out the entire fridge too. 

I haven't read a book in weeks. Probably over a month. I don't love that. But I've been occupied with other things (like a systematic rewatch of Better Call Saul). 

What are you *not* loving on this week? 

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