March 17, 2023

Friday things + the best soft pants


Spring break kicked off with Jett's birthday and like three cold and rainy days in a row. Not quite motivating. 

This is just one of those very dreary spring breaks. That happens some years. I remember being nearly snowed in during break in 2016, and then in 2017 I got a nasty sunburn because we were pouring concrete that week. 

For example, soccer practice was so cold on Monday evening that I had to keep going back to the car with Sutton. 

My parents are visiting which is so good for Wells, in particular. It has been very informative to me, however: Sutton is seriously attached to me. I can't even leave her in a room with someone else without her crying. I thought I might manage a solo trip to the grocery store. Nope.

Scott has a few days off this week so he is replacing our entire HVAC system in like 72 hours which hasn't caused me to feel anxious at all (jk super anxious...the HVAC system malfunctioning is something we've been dealing with for months on and off and it never fails to give me heart palpitations).

Other than that, tomorrow is Sutton's birthday so hopefully I have fun photos to share. Here's a refresher on Wells' first birthday, in case you missed it. No big party this time but, again, she won't remember it either way. We got her the playhouse but there's also a pile of gifts from family that, no doubt, Wells will fight her for. My parents got her a balance bike which she's not big enough for so Wells just rides it around the house. 

Other than that, I'm just wishing we're able to spend more time outside. 

(hiding in the car during soccer practice)

I'm still wearing soft pants. I highly, highly recommend these.  They run big so I always get a small and I've worn holes in my last few pairs because I wear them constantly...they are TWELVE dollars right now, so go get them. You can sleep, lounge, and wear out (with a decent shirt for a put-together look at preschool pick-up). They're the marvel of pants. 

I've just embraced soft pant life right now. I'm on the floor with a baby, I'm lugging groceries and strollers and running errands. Hair and makeup is fine. I'll do that. I will not put on real pants for anything right now. Sorry. 

The funniest thing I've seen this week:

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