January 19, 2023

Listening lately.

 My note-taking mode of choice is the screenshot. I often take a screenshot of podcasts I'm listening to if I want to share something about them or recommend them. (for real, what did we even do before the screenshot?) 

Usually, I forget. Sometimes I post as a story on Instagram. Here's a round-up if you want some recommendations!

Note: no links here but just search the episode number or reference the date. They're all very recent. 

I rarely listen to WSIRN these days. Okay, I don't listen to it at all. But I saw an Instagram post about someone giving a book 0 stars and I was intrigued so I went and listened to a few recent episodes. 
(Spoiler: The book was Watership Down. Haven't read it but the movie was....odd.)
Anne's best books were none of my favorites. I stopped listening long ago because I realized back in like 2018 that I was starting to hate reading because I didn't like literary fiction and memoir and that's all she ever recommends. 
This passed the time while I cleaned up the kitchen though. 

This episode with Taylor Dukes sent me down the toxic load rabbit hole (hey, Watership Down connection).
Future post coming on some changes I'm making. 

This is a very recent and ongoing investigation. GW does a great job of covering current cases. 

I don't listen to this every week or even every month. But she posted about it on Instagram and I'm in a stage of getting one kid to eat what I serve him and introducing another kid to foods. I found this episode extremely valuable. 

Another rabbit hole. I know way too much about this case. If you go to The Prosecutors and their spin-off podcast Legal Briefs, you'll find this. 

This is a good episode. It's a new podcast and shorter form. I wish they were bringing their speaking tour to Missouri.

Guys, Prince Harry is a hack. He's entitled, narcissistic, and out for himself. When Ben Shapiro spends 30 minutes ripping apart Spare, you know it's relevant to the cultural moment we live in.

What have you been listening to lately?


  1. I love WSIRN... Anne Bogel is in my town too so I'm forever keeping an eye out for her in local bookstores LOL

    I know we disagree - & that's ok - but I think Ben Shapiro is THE WORSTTTTTTTTTTTT... & now that he's hacking on my red headed prince, my opinion is even more validated - LOL!

  2. I could not with Anne's podcast. I don't like any of the books she reads, either. I do like her blog when she shares her things saving her right now. She is in my town, too. Hi Rebecca Jo!
    I am so entertained by Ben. I love his fast pace and he is seriously funny. I will definitely listen about Harry.
    I listen to Lazy Genius and enjoy her. Sometimes she seems full of herself, but I do get some helpful nuggets.


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