January 13, 2023

Friday Things 1/13

1. Oh, Friday the 13th. I hate these.

2. I know I posted that I would like to and/or wouldn't mind homeschooling next year, but Scott wants Wells in school. Of course, he was also surprised to learn that kindergarten is next year :)  He wants Wells to ride the bus which, ohmygosh, right? (I'm kind of kidding here. Scott and I both went to public school and we both rode buses and we're still here.)

Scott would also like me to get out and about more often and Wells being in school all day could make that feasible. I wouldn't *not* like to work again at some point here too but daycare for a baby isn't worth it right now for many reasons (my nerves for one). 

All that to say, I find it hard to make friends when all the moms around here are using the wrong grammar in their Facebook posts and then my interests don't always align with theirs:

3. I am busy catching up on Yellowstone. I think I just started season 4. I watch 1-2 episodes every night and I can't get enough. 

4. I've mentioned this before, but Cody Rigsby rides on the Peloton app are the only thing I use my bike for (it's similar to this...I wouldn't turn down a Peloton but I'm not asking for one either). I did the *Nsync one last night and it was the first time I'd done real cardio in almost 2 months. I felt that. 

5. I am hunting down swimming lessons for Sutton. They just don't exist here and it makes me so sad. I found a few options that are both an hour away, which I would do if it's once a week or so, but it appears they are in the evenings or on Saturday mornings. Maybe there's a couple during the day too. This is another reason why going to school would be good for Wells (don't tell Scott I said that). I would be able to do things like this with Sutton. She loves water SO MUCH. She is never happier than when she's in the bathtub. 

6. Speaking of lessons, I signed Wells up for soccer this week. It's in March and April. I almost signed him up last year but decided he was way too little for organized sports. It starts at age 3 here. At almost 5, he should be able to handle it better. 

7. I downloaded the PragerU app for kids and it's a fantastic option. It's free too. It's like a better version of BrainPop. 

8. I didn't actually look for memes this week, so here's some Instagram stories that I posted. 

Kate wins, always


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  1. As hard as it is, school will be so good for Wells and you and Sutton. She will be so excited when he gets off the bus! I am sad my kids didn't get to ride the bus like I did. That sounds crazy, but I have so many bus and bus stop memories. My poor kids got to open our back fence gate and walk right onto their playground which is also idyllic and wonderful. I made so many friends that way. We were the neighborhood "walker kids's moms" and would wait and chat by the back school door. But, you will meet so many moms from his kindergarten class and some you won't have anything in common with, but some you will. And, I learned that I don't have to be a clone with anyone. I talked about certain things with some and certain things with others.
    Yes to swim lessons, but so sad that you have no options. We did a YMCA class when our twins were 6 months old and Tom complained that we stood in the pool with a baby each and had to sing "The Wheels on the Bus". I guess Tom thought we would be watching our babies swim a 50 Free or something. But, our kids were excellent swimmers and always loved and were confident in the water.
    If you have a Nextdoor app you could advertise tutoring that way, but that might be scary, too. I guess you could put your name out there with Well's school next year as someone for a parent to call for tutoring?
    Lots of changes heading your way, but they are all so good and exciting. The days are long but the years are short! Happy weekend!


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