January 24, 2023

10 (TEN) months of Sutton.

I cannot. 

What they say is true in two ways: it goes a lot faster the second time. 

Plus: the first child gets all of your attention all of the time but you have no idea what you're doing. The second child gets nowhere near the same amount of focus but she benefits greatly from you having done it before. It's not so much constant trial and error. For this reason, I don't worry about Sutton. I just enjoy her. I took her to a playgroup last week and I wasn't even comparing her to any other babies. I've moved so slowly with her, never forcing her into the next stage. I noticed she was attempting to crawl up the three steps into the living room the other day...I just let her give up on her own and crawl away. I've absolutely made her into this easygoing and methodical child by completely babying her. She can just stay a baby as far as I'm concerned. 

That being said, I packed up the bottle warmer yesterday. She usually just drinks her formula cold or room temperature now. At first I thought I was jumping the gun (she's only 10 months!) but then I think I remember that we packed it up at 5 months with Wells. Just because we were moving and that seemed like a hassle? Or we packed it and got it back out at some point but it didn't really matter? Wells' first year is still a bit of a blur. 

I did order a baby calendar for her yesterday. I figure almost a year in is the perfect time, right? A friend sent me this one for Wells when he was born and it was so simple and easy to pull out to jot things down. His is completely finished and packed away for him. I'll spend some time putting her calendar together before her first birthday. This is where the blog posts I've written and the date/time stamps on Google photos come in handy!

loves to carefully examine things with her fingers

+I caught Sutton standing for the first time yesterday (1/23). She'd pulled herself up onto the balance board (it was upside down), started yelling in fear because she didn't know how to get down, and I didn't have my phone on me to take a picture. I foresee a lot of her getting stuck standing in her crib at night in the future now. 

+Sutton really started crawling around December 30-31. She never really army crawled, scooted, or dragged herself before that. She would roll if she wanted to get somewhere. But around 9.5 months, she just picked herself up onto all fours and started going. She is quick too. Head down and determined. Right now, she's really into pulling up onto her knees so she hasn't started standing on her own yet. She does a lot of down-dog poses because she's trying to push up without holding onto anything. Someone asked me when Sutton was less than 9 months if she was walking and that made me feel bad because she wasn't even crawling. However, Wells didn't start toddling until 11-12 months and didn't really take off walking until 14 months. She's much more determined and independent in general than he ever was, so I'm sure she'll be fine. 

+She is the complete opposite of Wells. She loves having her teeth brushed and she loves taking a bath. Two things he still fights me on every day. Again with the second child thing, this poor baby didn't get a book read to her until she was 6 or 7 months old. Now she knows we read a book after her nighttime bottle and then we brush her teeth. When Scott found out I was reading to her at night, he was like really? and I was like The last thing the pediatrician said at her TWO WEEK appointment was to read to her every day. (I'm completely serious. Clearly, I didn't listen.)

One night, I was exhausted so I tried to put her down without a book. She yelled and yelled and then I pulled her out and we read Where's the Hen? and that was exactly what she had wanted. 

loves, loves, loves to chew on shoes

+Sutton has 8-10 teeth. They are all at a different stage of "in", so I rarely get a complete count. 

+She loves to eat, she loves her bottles, she loves her water cups. 

+She is a happy, happy baby. She is also getting to be pretty sneaky. She loves to pull the loose trim off the walls and goes for the dog water a lot. 

Basically, we absolutely adore her. (all of us ^^)

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