December 9, 2022

Currently in December... + Friday Favorites

I'm combining a whole lot of stuff and things today. Three weeks ago I was traveling. Two weeks ago I was traveling. Last week I was too sick to open my computer. 

So let's talk about the real MVPs of the last 7 (seven) days:

I actually considered a trip to urgent care on Wednesday after I was too sick to take Wells to preschool but then I miraculously started to feel better by Wednesday afternoon. 
It had started as regular cold-like symptoms last Thursday-ish and on Saturday, I could barely get out of bed. Fatigue, fever, aches, all that. Plus congestion. Sunday was almost as bad. I thought Monday would be a turn for the better, but Monday and Tuesday evening/night, the aches and the fever would come back. Wednesday was the first night that didn't happen. 
Scott didn't get it. Wells is all better and didn't have this, for sure. Sutton had some congestion and a cough but that's mostly gone. She was the one I worried about but there was really nothing to do for her because she didn't even have a fever. 
I just gave her this baby medicine. I mentioned wanting to take her to the doctor and then we agreed there was really nothing for a doctor to do if she didn't have a fever. She was wheezing but not a lot.
In addition, going into "favorites" here, this lit a fire under me to finally change our insurance since it's the open enrollment period for 2023. The fact that I wasn't comfortable with the idea of taking a sick baby (or my sick self) to see someone at the hospital on base was my sign that I needed to get us out of there. Hopefully, I can find a new pediatrician once the new year starts. 

Other favorites:
I let Wells decorate this tree. Yes, it can stay this way. 

I talk a lot of you-know-what on Crime Junkie, but I do like Ashley Flowers' podcast The Deck. They are cold cases and I'd never heard of a single one. THIS is the important work she could be doing to make a change, so I applaud this. Interesting stories too and she does do actual investigative work. 

Our big tree has not yet been decorated because of my above-mentioned sickness. I feel very behind in the land of people who seem to put their trees up on November 1st. 

This is the tree I put in Wells' room. I bought it in Alaska in 2009 and it's been set up every year ever since, including in my classroom in 2010-2012. It's for him now. This year, we cut off the broken white lights (again, it's 13 years old) and I put colored ones on. 
The star on top is a gift my cousin just brought me back from Nazareth on her trip to Israel. 

Sutton's tree this year is one my mom gave me a few years ago because she didn't need it anymore. I'll probably get her a bigger one with lights for next year. Her little nativity is also olive wood from Israel. 

Wells is loving writing at this point and I'm trying to encourage that. Because this is the same kid who cried because I gave him a dino coloring craft as a surprise the other day because he "hates that coloring stuff".
He showed Jett how to write his name. 

Sutton's new stockings.
Both of them have two from my parents who got all 4 grandkids a Lands' End one, one from us/Santa. Sorry not sorry I guess. You're only young once. 

I wanted to share these shirts weeks ago and forgot. The perfect crewneck, lightweight, long, flattering tees. These are the Vella shirt from Free People. I have NO idea what the bad reviews are about. I've washed them and they're fine. I don't put them in the dryer because I don't put most of my clothes in the dryer. I actually got them for a similar sale price at the post-exchange on the base, so these were the only colors they had there. 

And then linking up with Jennifer for Currently...

Loving...The Hills reruns on Hulu. I think I just enjoy it because these people are my age so it's fun to remember. I also went back and watched the original Laguna Beach, which I never watched when it aired (it's on Netflix). It's awful. Don't watch it. I just kind of wanted the LC/Jason origin story. It's pretty crazy how much of the storyline was fabricated though, so I don't know that I recommend watching it. 


Gifting.... less this year? Wells is getting less than he ever has and that's because I picked things I know he wants. For example, "no coloring stuff". Lots of toys I know he wants/will want instead. Sutton isn't really getting toys...we got her an Anywhere Chair and a Kozy Couch since Wells has the chair and a Nugget. We got her a Fisher-Price Bear and some books. I know my parents got her a doll. She has a bunch of stocking goodies. My in-laws got her a walker. She doesn't need much. Wells didn't get a ton for his first Christmas. 

Wrapping.... everything! Yes, even Santa presents get wrapped. I had no idea parents didn't always wrap presents until a few years ago. How odd. 

Hoping..... that we can stay healthy for Christmas. Also, that I can find myself a new gift. I ordered the above bag at a great price....only to have it delivered RIPPED. I sent it back. The disappointment was palpable. 

Attending.... not much. The only things I've left the house for in a week is to take Wells to preschool and maybe one stop at a grocery store. I wanted to go to a walk-thru outdoor nativity this weekend, but I don't know if I feel up to it yet. Disappointment, again, palpable. 


  1. I just love that you have a Sutton too. I hope you are all feeling better. I definitely need to check out that podcast. I hope that the cold cases like that get more attention and can be solved.

  2. Thanks for linking up with me for Currently! We are in the same boat, medicine/sickness wise. Mine wasn't near as bad as what you've had and my symptoms were a lot milder. I hope you feel better now! Your babies are precious. I love your blog and am glad to have "found" you!


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