November 8, 2022


This is silly but I do most of my communicating with the online world through Instagram stories these days. Every time I sit down to write a blog post, my mind goes absolutely blank and it's like my fingers stop working. On the other hand, I'm constantly finding things to talk about on my phone. I hate that. I figure it's time to start sharing my stories here. 

Let's be clear: I don't *not* have time to blog. But I don't have time to shower, exercise, nap, cook, clean up the kitchen 3 times a day...and blog. So my phone sees much more action than my computer these days. 

Some of these are saved, some are can't "save" a story as a photo if it has someone else's photo (from their grid) in it. I do need to start sharing these more because apparently Instagram is where my thoughts really come out. Either that or I need to start a substack or something. (I should be able to find time for that.)

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