October 14, 2022

Friday Things, 10/14

1. Dog walks take just as much effort now as they did when Wells was a baby. Different reasons, but still takes an amount of effort. 

2.  I made this Chorizo Sweet Potato Skillet from Budget Bytes. Incredibly easy and tasty. 

3. Scott sent me to Walmart to buy an air fryer, which is something we should've done long ago. Last year, we borrowed a friend's for several weeks for reasons of unimportance (PCS complications) and I seriously became addicted to it. I used it every day. When we gave it back, we never got one because I admit to being fond of my counter space. 

However, Scott got all this fresh okra (from the same friend) and found a recipe and, well, now we have an air fryer. RIP counter space. 

Do you like okra? I do not. Scott said this recipe was amazing and I still can't get past the texture of okra. 

4. Wells went on a field trip to a pumpkin patch last week and this is the sad little pumpkin he picked out. Don't worry, I carved it. 

He was scared to go on the trip by himself but I promised him a cake pop for afterward:

Remember when I used to make cake pops? It literally feels like a different lifetime. I told Wells we'd make some soon. 


In case you missed it:


  1. That counter space issue is what has kept me from getting an air fryer. I will probably get one eventually though. Have a good weekend!

  2. The only okra I'll eat is from Lamberts...so maybe 1x a year, haha!

    We love our air fryer, I store it in the pantry though.

  3. Kristin these are some of your best memes yet.

  4. Also that creepy anon comment about memes was me. Not sure why it had me as anonymous.

  5. I love our air fryer, looks like we have the same one. I HATE okra though. Just the thought of it makes me gag. Its a texture issue for me. I keep our air fryer in a cabinet below the counter where I use it. That sweet potato skillet looks delish.


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