September 29, 2022

Phone Photos AND Friday Favorites. 9/30

Man, I let the blog go this week. I seriously sat down to write posts and kept getting distracted. When I get distracted so easily, it's a sure sign that I have a lot of tasks I'm avoiding. This has been the week of four different appointments and two phone calls (one appointment and one phone call to go!) so I've been in super avoidance mode. 

He's been super into his stuffies these days. He never has been before. 

Broke my no-ice-cream streak to try this. It was good. 

Scott roasted an acorn squash in Solo stove and Sutton got to try it. Highly recommend this method of cooking squash. 

This coming weekend's project: painting a dresser for Sutton's room. 

Scott smoked a chicken on Sunday. Our friends have chickens and butchering day was a few months ago. This had been sitting in the freezer. 

Sweet potatoes

Wells has some bougie taste. He wanted "that special drink". (Sparkling water and lemon)

Hoodie and shorts weather is a special time

The dogs hadn't been out with the baby jogger in about a year. I love this stroller because I can easily steer with one hand while holding dogs in the other. So glad Sutton is big enough for it now. 

I went on a slight Staircase deep dive after starting to watch the show on HBO. The cast looked super promising (Colin Firth, Toni Colette, Sophie Turner). Truly, I'm just not that into this particular story. It's really sad, of course, but I don't get the hype? I didn't finish the HBO series, just like I never finished the Netflix documentary. 
I'm 100000% Team Owl, in case you also have strong opinions. 

The way the blogging world talks, you're all but a peasant if you use anything but Fever Tree. 

At the dentist with Wells. 

Post-dentist reward. 

He loves puzzles so much. He just puts them together over and over again. 

No comment. 


My aunt and her immediate family apparently rode out Hurricane Ian in this camper. (Winter Haven, FL)

I mentioned on IG yesterday that I always get a compliment when I wear this sweatshirt. I don't even find it that cozy (see below for "cozy"). But my story, that I have kind of word-vomited to more than one person complimenting the sweatshirt, is: I was wearing it when Wells head-butted me and scratched my cornea in October 2020 and then I laid in bed for 3 days and didn't take this sweatshirt off so that's the memory I attach to this particular Aerie sweatshirt.

Lastly, if you have a Costco membership, head to the website and grab one of these. They are the BEST sweatshirts. 

In case you missed it, 6 Months of Sutton

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  1. That ice cream sounds fabulous. Zoe thinks any carbonated drink is "spicy" it cracks me up. I wish she wasn't a huge fan of stuffies, we have so many I literally boxed up two boxes worth and stuffed them in the attic. Anytime we are out she falls in love with a new one and I am there behind her yelling NO MORE STUFFIES!!!


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