September 2, 2022

Friday Favorites, 9/2

1. Ranch water. I'm on a cocktail kick. I make a new one every few days. I had to use Pellegrino for this because my Walmart was sold out of Topo Chico. Super good, and would be a fantastic option for a get together because it's quick to make with just 3 ingredients. 

2. I mentioned Big Mad True Crime on Wednesday but, for real, go listen to her if you like true crime. Her episodes on Chris Watts made me laugh out loud. He is one of the most evil people out there (a family annihilator) but the way she points out what an absolute moron he is in his actions and words and lack of basic thinking skills is pretty great. He needs to be ridiculed for being an awful, awful person and an idiot at the same time. 

3. No comment. 

4. I'm gonna say something realllllll bold here and make the comparison of how a woman looks with her Lululemon belt/bra bag to this:

As in, ridiculous. 

This is a *favorite* because I couldn't figure out what those bags, being worn so awkwardly, reminded me of and it finally clicked. While Alan's is definitely the crossbody variety, it looks ridiculous on him and women look ridiculously awkward wearing a LL bag around their chest. 



  1. I haven't figured out the belt bag trend either. It seems so much easier to carry a small crossbody!

  2. LOL at the neighbor's tree and not getting up when you hear strange noises. Same. You know how I feel about those LL boob bags. Hard no. Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  3. LOL at the tree thing - so true! We can't even enjoy our back yard thanks to our neighbor's mulberry tree that attracts flies from May-September. I actually love the belt bags, haha. I carried a crossbody for years but would always cram it full of stuff. The fanny packs/belt bags keep me from carrying too much stuff!


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