August 29, 2022

Products lately.

I can't remember the last time I did a product post but my favorite and least favorite part about blogging is how many recommendations I get for products of all kinds. It's a least favorite because half the things I buy, I heard about them through blogs. Which means this is an expensive hobby. 

This Native body wash is great. I like the minty smell and promise of decent ingredients. (I have also tried their shampoo/conditioner and I didn't like it at all, and I don't like their deodorant.)

I ran out of my supply of Raw Sugar soaps, so I grabbed a few of these Dr. Teal's soaps at Walmart. Really like them! I'm picky about hand soaps because I don't like them to dry out your skin. I got this one and I got the lemon and lavender also. 

I cannot spend $90 on BeautyCounter serum right now for personal reasons (because it's $90, that's why). I grabbed this version instead. I like it BETTER. It's super moisturizing but not greasy and it doesn't make me break out. Highly recommend! I use it once or twice a day and will definitely re-purchase. 

And a few repeats that I thought were worth mentioning because I love them:

I hate that I love this BeautyCounter mask. It was way too expensive and I bought it from bed, on my phone, like four days post c-section, so we'll blame it on the drugs. But it is said to last a whole year with twice weekly use and I probably don't even use it twice a week. I love it and it's so pretty to look at, right?

This overnight resurfacing peel is a great addition to even the most minimal of skincare routines. I don't even know why it's called what it's called? It's just like a moisturizer to apply. 

If you like BeautyCounter, they have mini versions of a lot of my favorite products right now. Disclosure: I am NOT a consultant and I don't shop with a consultant. I just buy from the website. I don't care if that's frowned upon by the MLM world. I just legitimately love the products and want to not have to deal with people. Truly, I think they're great for my skin but know they may not work for everyone. 

Any new products to recommend? 


  1. I agree that blogging leads to most of my purchases...ha, ha! have a good week!

  2. Blogging definitely has influenced my purchases as well. I haven't tried anything from BeautyCounter. As I am replacing some products as I run out with cleaner ones, I will probably need to at some point.


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