August 3, 2022

A tale of two J.Crew dresses

This J.Crew Factory dress was a steal. It'd actually make the absolute perfect maternity dress. I am wearing an extra-small. If you're pregnant, you'd probably just size up once. It does run big. But these tiered dresses are my favorite so I look at their site often to see what's on sale. 

...after it showed up, I started to think it looked familiar. 

Turns out, I had bought the same dress in the t-shirt dress style last August. I had gone school shopping in a sense and grabbed this in an extra-small because I *had* a JCrew factory dress in extra-small and it was huge. Turns out, the t-shirt dress in extra-small was not the same and the arms and chest were a little tight; mostly because I was like 10 weeks pregnant. It had been $10 and so I put it back in the bag with the receipt with plans to take it back. But the drive to the outlets is a windy country road and I had barely made it home without throwing up (again, 10 weeks pregnant) and couldn't fathom the idea of making that drive again. So I stuffed it in a drawer and forgot about it. Side note: I didn't make that drive again until November and, still, almost threw up. 

Anyway, I pulled it out and it kinda fits now so maybe this fall I will wear it. 

But then, for good measure, I grabbed this t-shirt dress. Again, they run more true to size and since the extra-small is a little small in the arms right now, I got a small. Honestly, you cannot beat < $20 for a decent quality staple item like this. 

What are you wearing in these last horribly hot days of summer?


  1. I am all dresses all the time while it is this hot. I cant be bothered with anything else!

  2. I love getting my dresses from J Crew and J Crew Factory. I love both of those.


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