July 1, 2022

5 Friday Favorites. 7/1

1. Sandals

Last year, I bought the Birkenstock version and they were never actually that comfortable and weren't that flattering. They're now in a box somewhere. I got these similar sandals from Target for $10, and I thought that seemed like a wasteful $10 considering I'd spent money on the ones last year. But really, these are so comfortable and flattering and easy to walk in. If I had a need, I'd get a second pair. They're the perfect outside shoe for just in the yard, going to the pool, etc. 

2. Stranger Things. This long weekend, I'm probably most looking forward to watching the rest of Stranger Things. I've been desperate enough this week in the evenings to venture back to Ozark. Which, truly, I'm not sure I get the appeal of. I'm at the beginning of season 2. There's been nothing fun to watch lately. I might even have to watch BIP when it comes back around. 

3. Red, white, and blue. I've got a couple of cute outfits to put on Sutton. We don't have plans, really, but there's something about the Fourth of July that I really enjoy. 

I would make sure Wells was all dressed up too, but he's going through a phase that I would call "not a willing participant". 

4. Solo stove.

Scott got this bonfire stove last month and, while I personally haven't been making use of it, he and Wells build fires multiple nights a week. It's so simple and Wells gets so much joy out of it. 

All of this mulch/stone will be ripped out and we'll do a patio here. It used to have a big wooden swing set on it but we took it out last year. It was pretty old and not safe. 


I used to drink La Croix, I really really did. I never enjoyed it and I don't believe any of you enjoy it either. I am willing to try Topo Chico to see if it's any better. 

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  1. My favorite thing about LaCroix is the memes, haha. I just can't get into that "there is a slowly deflating fruit 10 miles away" flavor. I also have Birks and are fairly meh about them. $10 Target dupes sound like the way to go!


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