June 17, 2022

Friday Favorites. 6/17

Every time I sit down to write a blog post, I end up not writing a blog post. (Ah! I did write a blog post yesterday about teaching.) I end up scrolling social media on my computer instead of on my phone. There are very few times during the day when I actually sit down at my computer now. This is the problem with two children, I suppose. By the time everyone is in bed, I can't formulate a complete thought. Wells is shockingly independent and Sutton is the definition of an easy baby right now so I don't get it. 


I ordered Wells his birthday Wyoming shirt and I got Sutton one too! That was a fun thing that never occurred to me I'd ever be able to do. (If you're new here, Wells was born on the UW campus at the hospital there so he gets a UW something for each birthday.)


We registered Sutton with the military. You have exactly 3 months to do this from the time they're born. We did it with one week to spare, mostly because in Missouri you have to wait 6 weeks for the birth certificate. In Wyoming, we had it in 15 days. 


Scout is feeling better. He had a rough day on Saturday. He went to the vet for his yearly exam and the shot they gave him in the leg muscle really made him hobble around all day. We also got some glucosamine chews for him ($$$) and pain medicine if he's going to be out hunting. It's not that he can't participate. It's that he just gets sore more quickly now :( A lot of this is an effect of the Lyme he had a few years ago.


I grabbed this toner based on everyone's recommendations. It's a favorite for so many. I love a toner but haven't used one in a few years. I've been doing serums instead and there's no way I'm paying for both from Beauty Counter, you know? I love their products so much but man...we can't be buying glucosamine for the dog and Beauty Counter for me at the same time. 
So anyway, this L'oreal toner is great. 
I realized I didn't have anything to apply it with, then I remembered these two giant boxes of gauze: I ordered alcohol wipes from Walmart a couple of years ago and they were sold out so they substituted regular gauze. (It doesn't make sense to me either.) 
I cut them up into 4 pieces and I have the perfect size for toner application. I used to order these from R+F and they were expensive too. These are exact replicas of those. 


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  1. I clean my ears with qtips the smart way. Heh. We give Mac some glucosamine chews every night before bed. He is an old man and before we started, he used to hobble around and not be able to jump up onto the couch or chairs anymore. Struggled running up stairs. Now he is back to hopping around like a fool. They definitely work!


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