June 6, 2022

Amazon (& Target) lately.

Phone screen protector. I have destroyed two screen protectors in the last few months. Both times, I dropped my phone out of my car onto pavement. The phone itself was completely unscathed though. I cannot recommend this $9 purchase enough. Last time I had a two-pack, this is a three-pack. 

Johnny the Walrus. I was actually surprised at the high quality of this board book. The story itself is pretty well-crafted and any adult could appreciate it. Wells thought it was hilarious. When I asked him what he liked to pretend to be, he said a t-rex. 

Formula mixing pitcher. I don't know if I was just living in the dark ages before or if we just don't buy into baby gadgets, but this was another $9 well-spent. To not have to scoop powder into bottles and have 6-8 bottles floating around? Genius. I just refill the same few bottles now. 

Speaking of formula, I have spent more money than I care to think about on Amazon buying the stuff in the last few months. I have a few orders that are supposed to arrive this week but I don't actually believe they will? You basically can't find it on Amazon at this point now. Looking in the actual stores is the best option. 

Collagen. I hate spending money on things like this. Because do you ever really know if it's working? But supposedly it does so I invested and I'm putting a scoop in my smoothie every day. 

Phone case. My toxic trait (ONE HUNDRED PERCENT) is buying phone cases. I love this one. 

I'm including Target in this round-up because I've really come to rely on them? Again, not proud of it. But knowing I can get pretty much any non-emergency need delivered within a week is nice. 

I decided to keep this swimsuit. All three that I tried on "fit" but this was the most flattering. I have another I ordered from Amazon that should be here this week, so we'll see if it's also a keeper. 

I ordered these blush blackout curtains for the baby's room. I have no idea what was happening that week on the target dot com but they were $14.99 a panel, not $36.99. All of the other colors were just as pricey weeks ago when I ordered these. So I call this a bargain and a win. I had previously had some "gray" blackout curtains from Amazon in her room and they were more of a dark periwinkle in person and, if there's one color on the spectrum that I cannot stand, it's periwinkle. 

Target also had a bunch of formula purchases this month and some cleaning products. Again, I really like knowing I can put in an order for something I don't need right away and I don't have to remember to buy it at the regular grocery store. Diapers used to be that thing I'd get at Target but Sutton is spoiled with Pampers at this point so I don't know if we'll go back to Target diapers. I bought some Walmart ones for an emergency because I just needed a few more newborn size and they did not hold up, quality-wise. 

If we're talking about Amazon buys, I also have been buying episodes of Better Call Saul season 6 and I subscribed to Kindle Unlimited for a month again because there's like 3 books on there I wanted to read. 


  1. I hope you like the collagen powder. I have another one on the way to me now. I have noticed the most difference in my nails since starting it over others I have used in the past.

  2. That's a cute suit! I have the darnest time with suits, I got one from amazon too so hopefully it works!

  3. Your hatred of periwinkle had me laughing. I'm also not fan. I have Dose & Co collagen that came in a FabFitFun box, so who knows if THAT actually works. I agree. I hate spending the money because there's no way of knowing, but I do want to start adding it more often. Also, I skimmed a previous post and saw you're off your BP meds, so big congrats on that!

  4. A cute little girl named Sloan talked to me at the library today. She wanted to tell me about the books she picked. I have always loved that name! She was masked, though, and it made me sad. I guess she was about 4 years old.
    I am so sorry about the formula thing. That is just so crazy and hard when you are already exhausted with a new baby. I looked at the formula aisle at Walgreen's today and it was empty. I like Target drive up, but the Target shipping seems so slow and they lie. They tell you it will be there and then it takes like two more days! But, I can't quit Target. I just think it's odd. That suit is cute! I love it!


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