May 16, 2022

Weekend Photos.

We're finally at a place where we can borrow library books and I don't worry for their well-being. 

Very hot Saturday. 

This is Sutton's elephant. On Friday, Wells wrestled it, "killed" it, said a prayer (Dear God, thank you for the food so good, help us do the things we should. Amen.), and "ate" it. 

I use the BruMate because I have two and they're FINE, but I'm not impressed. Also, baby moved to her own room this weekend. I kept her in the bassinet, not the crib yet, because she sleeps so well in the bassinet. 

Have I spent $8 this weekend on buying new episodes of Better Call Saul on Amazon? I have. 

Much nicer out yesterday.
Scout is...somewhere. 

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  1. Chris loves Better Call Saul. He started them without me and is in too deep for me to catch up so I just get random bits of it when I am in and out of the area he is watching. Zoe slept in her rock n play in her room for a little bit before we transitioned her to the crib because she did so well in it. I say do what is working! Or in the south we say "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."


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