May 26, 2022

Stuff and Things 5/26

+I had posts planned for this week..just needed to write them..and then we lost our modem in a storm the other day and had to wait for a new one and I've been living off of LTE and Weeds DVDs and Wells was introduced to "the DVD". We do own a few kid-appropriate ones..he liked Fern Gully and Ratatouille. We had to dig them out of a box in the barn and dust off Scott's laptop (since mine doesn't have a disk drive). It's been like Little House on the Prairie over here. 

+One of our recent trips to the chiropractor. She's getting the bill for this some day. 

+Wells has a thing for this protein milk. He's allowed exactly 1/3 of a bottle each day if he wants it, and he was beside himself with joy when he saw this display. 

+ A good book I read last weekend. Four solid stars. 

+ Trying to get out of the house one day last week. 

+Sitting in the hospital basement with hundreds of others during a tornado warning last week. All I was trying to do was get this poor thing to her two-month appointment. FWIW, neither of them were bothered a bit by the commotion and the unfamiliar circumstances. 

+I don't know.

+A definite 5-star read from this past weekend. 

+Went in to clean out a bunch of stuff last weekend. I need to write my "I'm done teaching...again" post. 

+This week's library haul for Wells (Me? I gave up on this library and subscribed to Kindle Unlimited again.)

+Scout turned 9 this week. He got salmon. 

+I told Wells I wanted a last day of school picture since his preschool was officially done last week. Just to compare it to August. 

This was August: 

+ Also, today is our marriage anniversary! Wedding anniversary will be in September. 13 years. I have actually lost track of how many we've been together for and how many we've been apart for. Check one in the latter column for #13. 

+ Finally, I'm still formulating thoughts on the awfulness that happened in Texas this week. I don't often speak long-form on current events here but I figure, as a teacher, I do have something to say about it. Maybe tomorrow. Truly, thoughts and prayers. 


  1. I think a lot of us are still gathering thoughts on Texas. So sad. I will have to check out His & Hers. I remember reading Wife Stalker but I don't remember much about it. Crazy how the kids weren't bothered by the commotion. They are more resilient than we give them credit for sometimes. Wells has gotten so big this year! Sutton is such a cutie.

  2. Happy birthday to Scout! Wells has grown within the year.


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