May 3, 2022

Bought lately.

I've really been splitting my online shopping between Amazon and Target lately when it comes to things I "need". Amazon is where I go when I need something. Target is a close second. Walmart is only of use to me because it's there. (I have to say that the clothing, still, at Target is horrendous this spring and Walmart...I know you all love shopping there for random clothing pieces! just as bad. So, still at a loss on where to shop for clothing that is practical for summer as a SAHM.)

This baby gym. I really like it so far. We didn't have one with Wells. 

Wells' aunt and uncle sent him this dino blanket and it's pretty adorable and amazing. It's so soft that I'm jealous. I got him the pillow to match. I also got him a Pillowfort comforter from Target and it's so comfortable that I want one. Then I got one of the dino blankets in pink to send to Wells' cousin for her birthday this month. 

And onto Amazon...

I absolutely love our carpet and upholstery scrubber/cleaner. We use it all the time! Carpets, couches, etc. About a month ago, it was in the garage and a giant box fell off the shelf and landed right on the upholstery nozzle and smashed it to pieces. What are the chances? So I googled and ordered just the nozzle and it works perfectly. I alternate cleaning solutions. This is the one I grabbed most recently. 

Eye cream. This is my favorite and I've bought it multiple times. It's necessary since I'm up twice a night, at least, right now. 

Mouse traps. Ugh. But these are my favorite ones. Also, I do not reuse mouse traps. I'm not into that nonsense. 

That's kind of it for this month. I feel like I'm buying things all the time but, really, it's just formula from Amazon other than those few necessities.

I also did some in-person shopping this week, which is rare for me. But I had to go to Springfield, so I made it worth my while picking up some baby gifts, some decorations for the house, and a clutch for me (for inside the diaper bag). 


  1. Target's clothing section really is just awful. I haven't even liked it as much for kids and usually most of Zoe's clothes come from there but lately it has been H&M.

  2. I bought that eye cream & always just forget to put it on - LOL

  3. Oh no - no one wants to have mouse traps on their shopping list. I agree about not reusing them...ugh! Thanks for linking up!


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