April 21, 2022

Stuff and Things. 4/21

 I need a place to put my thoughts that isn't IG stories, so here we are. Back to Stuff and Things. 

Wells had his first Easter egg hunt, bounce house included, this week. It was like a cool #fall day in Missouri. 

Sutton enjoyed it as well:

This is the stroller I got. I'm not super sold on it yet but I think it'll do the job. It's really heavy. 

(I set it up for the first time about 27 minutes before we left the house.)

+I continue to be thoroughly disappointed in the local library. 6 months, at least. for an ebook. I'm still 3 months away from books I put on hold in December and January. 

I am truly unsettled by the "immunocompromised excuse". 
Almost anything falls into this category.
We all have pre-existing conditions if we want to see it that way. Those who are truly immunocompromised will take the precautions covid or no covid. 

+ In other news, we are now glorifying how wonderful it must have been to be a serf in the feudal system: 

+ Attempting to get out when the weather is decent. 

+ And, I realize I never posted about Easter. There are no sibling pictures because...well, there are sibling pictures but both of them looked so absolutely horrified at the prospect of sitting next to each other that I will not put those on the internet for now. 

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  1. You know me - I'm more than happy to explain why I'm still wearing a mask & why I like everyone around me to wear it... after the rough go I had before & adding a mini stroke on top of my deficiencies - I honestly dont think my lungs can withstand COVID again. I definitley do what I need to do to try & keep myself healthy but I'm also at the mercy of others. For example - my niece got it AGAIN... & the girl she got it form, her parents wont get her tested so she doesnt miss school or any sports games she's involved in... so they all know she had COVID & letting her go to school, travel with other kids & visiting other schools... this is the behavior that makes everything so untrustworthy to me. & granted, I dont want the world to stop & cater to my needs - I just want it to be thoughtful to others - that's all.

    Onto better things- my library had the worst time span for ebooks but they just transitioned to another program - its more a state library than a local - dont know why or how - but ALLLL the books I've been waiting on are now available AND have multiple copies of each (which I never get why you need so many copies of e-books - but whatever! ) - so hopefully your library will transition soon to something better!


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