April 4, 2022

Prime Purchases- April

Maternity joggers. I actually bought these post-baby, post-c-section. I needed something that would be conducive to comfort while healing. Of course, when they arrived a few days later, I felt better. Go figure. However, they are really great quality. Definitely more pant-like than pajama-like, so they'll be good for leaving the house too. I got the medium, sizing up and they're loose while still holding their shape. Highly recommend if you're pregnant or post-partum.

Easter books for Wells' basket. He loves our Pete the Cat books that we have already. And the PJ Funnybunny is one I had as a kid. 

Trader Joe's Coffee. I miss TJ's coffee. Our nearest TJ's is probably 2 hours away. Our only options here are what's at the store..usually Starbucks or Dunkin' and I can't take it anymore.

Dry erase calendar. I don't need a planner right now so much as I need a calendar we can both see. This will hopefully do the job. The quality is actually excellent for something that was less than $8 when I bought it last week. 

La-Roche Posay PigmentClar facewash. Tried a new facewash to help get rid of any pregnancy melasma spots. This is a great wash...I used to be able to find these products at Walmart, but they don't have them at this local Walmart. 

That's it for me this month. Nothing terribly exciting...I feel like I've done most of my online ordering from Target lately. And, actually, don't ask about the last time I was in a real store. I think it's been over a month. We really do live in the middle of nowhere. 

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  1. I love LaRoche Posay products and have the hardest time finding my specific ones anywhere in stores but Ulta. Those joggers look cute. I remember not being able to wear pants for a really long time after having a c-section. I can't remember if we have It's Not Easy Being a Bunny or not. I need to look, I love that one.

  2. Our Trader Joes is so far away too - I didnt realize Amazon carried their stuff - I'll have to see what all they have!

  3. The leggings look really comfy. Hope you are doing well! Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! :) Tanya


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