March 16, 2022

Random Photos Lately...

Scott's shop put together the sweetest basket for us. 

Found a great pedicure place without an appointment. 

I dropped my phone in a parking lot the other day and the screen cover shattered. The screen was fine. I highly recommend this glass screen cover. It's a 2-pack, so I just pulled out the other one from when I first bought the phone a year and a half ago. 

Wells' teacher went out of her way to not only to buy us a baby gift but to buy Wells a gift too. I cannot say enough good things about how lovely his school has been. I will probably send him back for half-day classes for 4 year old preschool in the fall. 

"Tell me you're the second child in a military family that moves every 12-18 months *without* telling me you're the second child in a military family that moves every 12-18 months."

That's right. Wells is still making use of the crib, and we didn't get him a single bed yet. 

Literally what evenings have looked like here. I'd just been letting Wells fall asleep on the couch as we limped toward spring break. 

And a few screenshots...

I hate to say I don't care how I make students feel, but I'd rather they'd pick up a tidbit of actual knowledge here or there than rush into school just to hug me every day. idk maybe we're forgetting the purpose of school. 

I've been thinking this for months. If I had coherency and kids who were given basic phonics instruction before age 10, I'd be in a much different mindset right now. 

And, lastly, food for thought: 


  1. That Twitter comment about the dog is funny! The gift basket you received is very nice.

  2. What a sweet gift from Well's teacher. I am laughing so hard at was Satan unavailable!!!


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