February 28, 2022

Prime Purchases - March

Coffeepot cleaner. I usually use vinegar to clean our coffee machines, but that's kind of a long process, so I grabbed this Affresh cleaner and really liked it. 

Circuitboard kit.  Scott bought these kits to use at work for an activity of sorts. Wells saw them and got busy. He is a child who does not like to write, draw, or read, already at age 3. He is a figurer-outer, 100%. 

Infant carrier. I bought this to send to a Texas Pregnancy Center. I lovelovelove that Allie Stuckey runs these registries multiple times a year where she asks for donations.  I wanted to tell coworkers to donate to a local shelter instead of buying me baby gifts but I couldn't find an exclusively pro-life one (and was too tired, honestly, to dig deep). 

I, for some reason, was set on an Ergo when Wells was born and, luckily, he loved that thing so I'm hoping to get a lot of use out of it again. However, I've heard such good things about the Infantino. It seems like a great option if you just want one to try out. 

(Newborn) stroller. I spent a lot of time hemming and hawing about how I was going to transport an infant and a 3 year old around at the same time. With Wells, I just carried the infant seat everywhere or stuck him in the Ergo. I still don't know how/if it'll work when we have two kids. I even considered a Doona for a brief moment. But, I figured a stroller with a bassinet feature might be my best best. I haven't put it together yet, let alone used it, but I'll report back. 

Neti Pot. After x number of sinus infections in a very short amount of time, I finally got one of these. It does work...I think? But it's not the quick and easy answer that you get from cold medicine, unfortunately. I wouldn't not recommend it. 

Before that, I'd bought a bunch of baby things I couldn't find elsewhere and put on a registry so I could get a discount. I'll do a separate post probably next month on the necessities I thought we had to get for baby #2. Amazon is almost always the best deal for any and all things baby-related. 

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  1. I do the vinegar to clean our coffee machines, maybe I should try Affresh too. I use it for everything else lol.

  2. Affresh is definitely popular for this month's link up! Everyone must be refreshing their appliances. I also love Allie Beth's fundraising - so easy. I sent diapers. Thanks so much for linking up.


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