February 5, 2022

Friday Recommendations #5

1. Superfluous haircuts.

I had some time last week, so I went back into get another haircut. I just walked in to see if they were busy and they weren't. I got 3 more inches cut off. It was disappointing back in January that she cut off two inches and then it didn't seem like it did anything. This means that I've had 5 inches of hair cut off in the last 6 weeks. Plus she thinned it out and layered it a bit (the first time). 

2. Having a 3 1/2 year old.

Not gonna lie. I've had a nasty sinus infection. It's not like a cold. It's a cough and a sinus infection and I can't really take medicine and it's just the worst. I spent most of last weekend laying in bed. Knowing that Wells can amuse himself while I "rest" is just kind of the best. Wells has also been the type to never try to get into things. While he still barely sleeps through the night, he doesn't care about things he finds lying around either. If he has a show on or is busy with his toys, he's fine for an hour. Half the time, he'll just nap with me. 

More than one person has said to me: I never would've had another baby if I had them this far apart (what? 3 1/2 years???). My response to that usually is: Well, I never would've wanted to have another baby if I knew they had to be closer in age than this. 

The independence of a 3 1/2 year old is a GIFT. He brings me things. He's potty-trained. He speaks in complete sentences. It's wonderful. 

3. The Tinder Swindler.

This was ...interesting. It's a documentary on Netflix. If you like non-violent true crime, it's for you. 

4. I saw this on Instagram and could not buy one of these over-the-door holders fast enough. I feel like this may be a game changer. We are at a premium for closet space here, so I'm looking for every hack I can find. 

5. Lastly, I recommend...actually knowing what you're talking about? I have said this on Twitter multiple times in the last few weeks: No one calls these active shooter drills. They are called lockdown drills and we practice them two or three times a year. Usually, they are practiced because if there is a threat in the neighborhood, we know what to do. This happened a lot in Colorado; police would be looking for a suspect, so the building would just lock down and they would not let anyone in or out for whatever amount of time it took. 
These drills are no more traumatizing to kids than fire drills, tornado drills, earthquake drills or tsunami drills. In fact, I've had more kids cry over the loud sirens of fire drills and tornado drills than anything else. And when they test the tornado sirens on base every month? Kids don't like that at all. Kids don't react well to any type of drill, to be honest. That's why it pays to have level-headed teachers in the classrooms and not teachers who are scared of their students giving them germs. 
So, before you say that "active shooter drills" happen often or that kids in masks aren't being irreparably psychologically damaged in some way, I recommend understanding a bit of what you're referring to first. /endrant


  1. I just watched Tinder Swindler last night. Crazy how he swindled so many women!

  2. I cant believe people think your kids are going to be too far apart??? I think it is great that Wells can help you some when the baby comes along. He wont be as needy and will probably feel great that he can help. There is no right or wrong way to space kids. People are ridiculous. And another example of not knowing what you are talking about lol. But I also see a lot of that on social media too.


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