January 4, 2022

January Goals 2022

Remember when we used to goal-set each month? Few, very few, still do this online it seems because something about spring 2020 made people stop trying. Truly, there was no reason to set aside every personal goal, but we did it anyway. For me, personally, it was the "two moves in two years" that did it. It's easy to stop caring when you're never settled. 

But, it's the perfect time to start anew...

My coat that doesn't quite fit and these sneakers are like 5 years old. I have new ones coming for my birthday but who knows if I'll love them enough to keep them. I've had terrible luck with sneakers in the last few years. 

1. Read a book. Nope. FINISH a book. I've started and I've read multiple books since September. I've only finished one and that's...humiliating (is humiliating the right word? I think it is). 

2. Go through baby boxes. I need to sort what I will use for the new baby vs. what I need to get rid of. This really entails dragging boxes out of the barn, setting/sorting them in the current guest room and start prepping it to become a nursery. My SIL told me that the 2nd trimester is what is recommended for the nursery prep (and that's exactly what I did last time, btw). Now, at almost 30 weeks, I'm not terrified or anything (is terrified the right word? I think it is). Along with this: Wells needs a new dresser and a bed. I can't promise I'll make those happen this month, though. We need to hang my new mirror and we also need to move a dresser and maybe a toy box around. 

3. Use my planner to track: yoga, Pilates, water, and walking. Those are the big things I need to focus on right now. I "practiced" over Christmas break, making sure I got 10-15 minutes of yoga in each day, I walked every other day or so, and I did Pilates for strength training. I really need to shoot for 60 oz+ of water a day. It hasn't been going great in that department. 

That's kind of it. If I can accomplish the first two and keep up with the third, I'll be set up for a better February. Fingers crossed. 

What are your goals for January???

Is anyone doing actual NY Resolutions? I really got out of practice with it all a few years ago. I will say that 2022 should be the first year since 2016 that we won't move or buy a house. So maybe I have a fighting chance? I need ideas.


  1. I love the small realistic goals. I shared my goals today as well. I am ready for this fresh start and agree the last two years I haven't cared for myself as well as I could with all the anxiety and things.

  2. My goal for January - and the whole year - is to keep the baby alive 😅.
    She doesn't have a nursery. Her future room is currently the spare room doubling as Jan's home office. If Jan ever actually gets back into the office she'll get a room! But she's staying in our room for the first year anyway so it would just be a place for her stuff. For me 2nd trimester was worrying about another 2nd trimester loss followed by spina bifida diagnosis then operation to repair the defect.

  3. I remember setting seasonal goals on my blog and then doing a follow up post with them. Now I have to do lists on post its all over my desk lol.

  4. No years resolutions or goals. Just want to continue to be a better person than I was yesterday.


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